We pray for the safety and well-being of those affected

Dear editor,

THE Sanatan Vedic Dharma Pandits’ Sabha, Region Three, condemns the heinous and horrific killing of the Henry boys and Haresh Singh. We extend deepest condolences to the respective families and relatives.

We also pray for the safety and well-being of the hundreds of innocent citizens whose lives have become endangered as a result of the unrest currently occurring in the villages of the deceased.

We plead with all to allow the police to carry out their investigations, and bring all those responsible for these killings to justice. While we all have a right to peaceful protest, the current unrest and behaviour of the protestors: The beating and chopping of innocent citizens; damage to both public and private properties, cannot in any way be justified as peaceful protest. It is downright illegal conduct.

As such, we call on the relevant authorities to ensure the law is enforced, and the society is brought back swiftly to normalcy.

We must be reminded that all of this is happening when we are struggling to curtail the rapid spread of the coronavirus.


Sanatan Vedic Dharma Pandits’ Region Three

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