Limlair Village, a place of small businesses and enterprising people
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Limlair Village (Carl Croker photos)
Limlair Village (Carl Croker photos)

THIS week the Pepperpot Magazine visited the agricultural community of Limlair, Lower Corentyne, Berbice in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).

The village is bordered between adventure and Friendship communities and it is home to about 500 residents, some of whom are cattle, poultry, cash crops and rice farmers. The village has a few small businesses and it is said to be the place of ‘teasum’ plants (a bush which is used to make tea and noted for its nutritional and health benefits). This plant is grown widely in Limlair and can be found at street corners and the side of the road in abundance.

Clifford Leitch in his garden

Villagers are very resourceful and have their gardens of plants, flowers and their kitchen gardens. In almost every yard there are plentiful fruit trees and vegetables and the people are environmentally-friendly and promote clean surroundings.

Limlair is a quiet community of friendly folk, who are always busy in their gardens and farms. Residents would shop at Bush Lot where there is a market and many other businesses while others would make the journey to New Amsterdam.

The village is home of Odwin Tudor, who is in the army and is an athlete. Limlair is also home to many men and women of the Disciplined Services.

Small businesses
During the walkabout in the village, the Pepperpot Magazine met a resident, Clifford Leitch and his common-law wife, Neliearmal ‘Devi’ Pushpa.
They reside in a property on the Public Road which is a good place to have a business.
The couple, who returned home after living in Suriname for the past 11 years has a small bicycle repair shop, a DVD/CD business and a clothing shop which also sells cold beverages and confectioneries.

Clifford Leitch and his wife

The 52-year-old man stated that he has applied for jobs given he is highly qualified but hasn’t landed a job yet so he has decided to start his own small business from his house.

He returned to Guyana in February this year and is hoping to make ends meet with his newfound venture.

Leitch reported that he is from Tain Village and at age 37, he came to Limlair Village and is now residing in his deceased father’s house.

He has a yard full of vegetables, fruits and flower plants and he stated that in his spare time he would cultivate crops in the yard which would be sold or used in the kitchen.

Although he is not too pleased about staying indoors he has to get used to the working from home idea, at least until after the pandemic is over.

On the other hand, his wife has a clothing shop and she also sells some cold drinks and confectionaries from their front yard and bridge.

She would buy clothes to sell and the villagers would support her business.

Pushpa is originally from Black Bush Polder and has found a comfortable home in Limlair Village where she has a few friends.

When the Pepperpot Magazine visited, Clifford was overseeing the business from a hammock under his house while his wife was in the kitchen preparing a meal and it was evident they are getting along well.

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