Platform for Community Development Guyana

Dear Editor,
THE Environmental Community Health Organization (ECHO) is in the process of finalising arrangements to begin a special and new environmental initiative, Platform for Community Development Guyana (PFCDG). This is a Community-based grassroots initiative that aims to assist to secure and protect the ecology and public health of local communities across Guyana. It is a circle of hands from different cultures working together to protect and promote the health of the Environment, and to help keep our communities safe.

This initiative emerged out of a profound consciousness and deep understanding of the importance of the natural environment to the health and wellbeing of communities and their residents and our country as a whole. It is also in keeping with our nation’s vision of Guyana becoming a ‘Green’ State.

An important aspect of this initiative is our Sustainable Environmental Enhancement Plan (SEEP). A major activity of this plan is to plant 3 million trees, by the end of, December, 2021, in different parts of Guyana. We hope to begin this particular activity in late August of this year.

Platform for Community Development Guyana would also be looking at other things, in communities including: water, sanitation, recreational facilities, outdoor gyms and fitness facilities and urban agriculture. It would also help to organize local communities and work with community leaders to mobilize resources for various developmental projects.

In another three weeks, June 10, 2020, Platform for Community Development would be enlisting volunteers for its massive tree planting activity scheduled for August 2020. Citizens and individuals, who are interested must call telephone number 6909810 for more information.

Royston King

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