The President has the right to exercise his lawful prerogatives
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Dear Editor
ONE should be able to recall a certain Sasenarine Singh, a then member of the Alliance For Change (AFC) who, many years ago, wrote several letters in the Kaieteur News criticising the Bharrat Jagdeo and Donald Ramotar regimes for their policies. But memory will recall that there had been also a particular letter, published in then then Guyana Chronicle, which sought to expose Singh as being so incompetent that he had to be sacked by Jagdeo from his portfolio as one of his senior advisers.

It would seem that Singh, from his many missives which never failed to fault the then PPP/C regimes for one reason or the other, had probably been lining himself up for a position, when the expected change of government occurred in 2015. Call that the usual expected kind of opportunistic politics for which there are quite a few examples in Guyana. But this never materialised for Singh, the hoped-for place in the new dispensation, for whatever reasons that are not publicly known?

Then, Singh’s clock turned the full 360 degrees again, when a few years ago, he re-appeared as one of the hordes of PPP/C letter writers, criticising the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU+AFC) government, for one imaginary ill after the other. Editor, proving one’s political usefulness to one’s former political outfit has become rather self-demeaning for all those who have chosen to return to Robb Street. It continues to lay bare the moral character of many souls, for what is their true content.

And so, this is the same Sasenarine Singh, now in the new role of election agent, of course for the PPP/C, who has been questioning the right of the President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, David Arthur Granger, to visit the Arthur Chung Conference Centre (ACCC), last Sunday, and his actions while there.

Singh’s statement, which also spoke of the preferential treatment that was given to the President, was also a source of great bother to him and, of course, to his party and surrogates, is an absurdity, and a mindset that is either deliberately ignorant, and/or clearly disrespectful to the executive rights of the President, and his right of exercise of such rights. In fact, his referring to the President as a candidate, rather than by his rightful official designation, as stipulated by the constitution, describes the calibre of such a cretinous wannabee, and why he may have been kicked out years ago by his now re-claimed master.

Of course, the erudite and intellectual commissioner Vincent Alexander was right to remind this pathetic party agent that “Like it or not, Granger is still President of Guyana.” And this is in keeping with Article 106(7), and not by referring to 106(6) in isolation, as some of our most overnight exalted – turned – constitutional experts, in collusion with the PPP/C, had been busy attempting to create their so-called constitutional crisis, not so long ago.
This latest idiocy of an objection has again emanated from the PPP/C, and reminds one of comments made by a PPP/C commissioner in early 2019, about the President wasting time, because he had made a visit to the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to ascertain its readiness for national and regional elections.

It is the height of grave ignorance in either instance, for any such persons to have made the individual comments which they had made; for such official act of the President is his sole prerogative in his own right, and deliberate judgement, which does not have to receive prior approval/assent from any other person. Further, for Singh, in this recent instance, to take issue with his PPP/C’s puppet nominee, not being accorded the same courtesies, trumpets the further absurdity in terms of suggesting that Irfaan Ali should have been given all the protocol trappings that are rightly the official preserve of a sitting Head of State It is akin to suggesting a guard of honour ceremony for a presidential candidate, when he is not the president!

One need not remind Singh et al, that the President is still President, even in this uncharted phase of the nation. No state is left headless. It needs direction, and governance, even an interim one. Still, this does not remove the title or office of president from the present incumbent. There is also, the reminder, much to the disappointment of Singh, that the President, the current one to be precise, is entitled to visit any institution/situation at any time, at any geographic location of the sovereign state that is governed – and this includes the ACCC, where the current recount exercise is underway. In fact, such a visit was anticipated, since he has every right to have a first-hand look at what is in progress, which is inclusive of discussions, if desired. As a reminder to the Sasenarine Singhs – That honour must be given where it is due.

Such a position taken by Singh is plainly in the realm of racial disdain displayed towards President Granger. It is a familiar path that continues to be displayed towards a genuine leader of country and governance, whose morals are impeccable, and dwarfs the sickening venalities committed on this country and its peoples for over two decades by the former PPP/C regime.
Earl Hamilton

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