Special room at Suddie Hospital to deal with COVID-19

Health workers screening a patient at the Suddie Hospital before he enters the medical facility

By Indrawattie Natram

REGIONAL Executive Officer of Region Two, Denis Jaikarran, has said that a special room has been set up at the Suddie Public Hospital to deal with coronavirus patients.

The room will also be used to keep patients who are tested positive for the virus and for those that are under quarantine. He made this disclosure at a special meeting held recently with a high-level team of the Anna Regina Town Council.

The team included Mayor, Rajendra Prabhualall; Deputy Mayor, Rudolph Williams; Town Clerk, Diane Critchlow; health inspectors; councillors and staff.

Mayor of Anna Regina reaching out to stakeholders in Anna Regina

Speaking to the team in the boardroom of the council, Jaikarran said screening is currently being done at the Suddie Public Hospital and blood samples are sent to National Transfusion Service/blood bank for testing.

At the moment, there are no confirmed cases in the region; however, the Regional Administration, in collaboration with the Department of Public Health and major stakeholders, are taking the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus.

Mayor of Anna Regina, Rajendra Prabhulall, along with his deputy and health inspectors met with vendors, business owners, taxi and minibus operators to spread awareness on the virus. Persons were encouraged to practice good hygiene and to wash their hands regularly.

Some of the council’s preventative measures include the installation of pipes and sinks at public places within the markets, car parks and commercial areas along the Essequibo Coast. Detergent will be made available for public use. Mayor Prabhulall said this is being done to encourage persons to wash their hands before they go about their business. The staff of the council will also stay home and work on a rotation shift to avoid a crowd.

The Bush Lot and Anna Regina markets will be opened from 07:00 hours and closed at 14:00 hours daily. Commercial banks will be closed at noon until further notice. This was implemented within the township of Anna Regina to fight against COVID-19 and to safeguard citizens in the Pomeroon-Supenaam Region.