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Minister Noel holder and Junior Minister, Valerie Yearwood pose with the revellers displaying the ministry’s costume (DPI photo)
Minister Noel holder and Junior Minister, Valerie Yearwood pose with the revellers displaying the ministry’s costume (DPI photo)

Several Ministries launch Mash bands this week

By Alisa Lashley

Several Government Ministries in a vivid display of colours, officially launched their Mashramani this past week.

The Ministry of Infrastructure’s Mashramani costume being displayed (DPI photo)

The Ministry of Agriculture launched its band on Wednesday in the Ministry compound. The costumes was designed by Olympia Small, with the notion of placing emphasis on making kitchen gardens more prominent in today’s society. This year, the band comprises at least 100 or more revellers drawn from the ministry.

Minister of Agriculture, Noel Holder, in his address, stated, “I urge you to reflect on the sacrifices that you have overcome in the past 50 years, celebrate our achievements as a people and as a country and celebrate with a Republican spirit by being responsible citizens, as we stand as one people, one nation, with one destiny.”

Junior Minister within the Ministry of Agriculture, Valerie Yearwood, also noted that the Promotion of kitchen gardens is in keeping with Guyana’s Green State development strategy (GSDS) which aims to promote the re-establishing of kitchen gardens in households around the country.

Minister Henry making her remarks (Delano Williams photo)

The Ministry’s Queen costume is expected to depict a bountiful kitchen garden, which will be decorated with baskets filled with varying fruits and vegetables aimed at encouraging citizens to incorporate fruits into their daily meals.

The Ministry of Infrastructure’s band was launched at the Ministry’s headquarters, under the theme “Showcasing the
Maritime sector”. This year, the band will be participating in the medium section while hosting over 200 revellers, with the heads of the various agencies within the ministry leading their respective sections in the band.

Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, in his remarks said confidently, “I am launching the winning band… I would like to say to the Ministries, to all the other participants, ‘thank you for partaking. You’ve done a great job, but when you come up against the best, you do expect that you come second.’”

The Minister also joined with Junior minister within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure Hon. Jaipaul Sharma in congratulating staff of the Ministry for the successfully executing their duties over the past year. He further noted this year’s Republic Jubilee Celebrations will be centred on a theme showcasing the maritime sector.

Minister of Education Dr. Nicolette Henry and other officials of the ministry of Education pose with revellers (Delano Williams photo)

In an interview with the Buzz Director-General, Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) Claudette Rogers noted that it was a privilege to participate in the celebrations since the maritime sector is critical to the development of any country. “When we think in terms of what is taking place in the oil and gas sector, it is a way to ensure people are informed of the role of the MARAD,” Rogers stated.

The Guyana Power and Light Incorporated (GPL) is also expected to have a special section in the band that will display the country’s renewable resources.
Joining the parade was the Ministry of Natural Resources whose band was designed with the concept of Guyana potentially dabbling in the eco- friendly mining arena. This year, the band comprises at least 200 and more revellers drawn from the three sections of the ministry: the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC), the Guyana Geology & Mines Commission (GGMC) and the ministry itself.

Designer of the MNR’s customes, Neilson Nurse and revellers (Delano Williams photo)

Public Affairs Officer of the Ministry, Stephon Gabriel, detailed that the theme goes hand in hand with the Ministry and more so the government’s plan to promote sustainability across the country. The Ministry of Natural Resources, in this case, sustainable forest and mining practices. The band was launched at the National Exhibition Centre in Sophia under the theme “Promoting sustainability and development “and was designed by Neilson Nurse.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education’s band was launched at the National sport’s complex, under the theme “ Promoting education through technology “.This year, the band comprises at least 300 and more revellers from the various sectors of the ministry and also designed by Neilson Nurse, who noted that he was keeping it simple while keeping it playful with the design this year.

The Minister of Education, Nicolette Henry, in her brief remarks expressed that, the Band is even bigger than it was last year, “We usually host small bands on the road but this year we have a medium-sized band. I am happy to be celebrating the 50th jubilee, as it’s not only Guyana’s Republic Anniversary but this season marks my 50th year of life also. We are not only looking forward to participating in the Mash parade but also to win in our category,” the Minister said.

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