A night of ‘Krazy Komedy’
2018 Uncensored Champion, Mark Luke-Edwards to perform at Uncensored 11
2018 Uncensored Champion, Mark Luke-Edwards to perform at Uncensored 11

–as Learie Joseph headlines ‘Uncensored 11’

IT’S promising to be a night of “Krazy Komedy” when Trinidadian comedic dramatist Learie Joseph and De Drunken Saint touch down at the National Cultural Centre on December 28 and 29 for the Trinidad vs Guyana clash at Signature Entertainment’s annual standup comedy show, “Uncensored 11”.

With Joseph considered to be one of the top comedians of the Caribbean region, Uncensored Producer Maria Benschop shared with The Buzz that they decided to add the comedian to the mix to shake things up. This will be the first time that an overseas comedian will be performing at an Uncensored show.

Benschop and Co-producer, Lyndon “Jumbie” Jones recently got to see Joseph in action at another Trinidad vs Guyana show in Trinidad, where he performed to rave reviews, and they knew he would bring something good to the Uncensored lineup.

“I was backstage, so I didn’t see the piece. But I could hear the crowd response to his performance, and it was tremendous. And we wanted to add something more to the lineup, so we decided to go for the Trinidad vs Guyana vibe,” Maria related. “He’s one of the most popular comedians in the Caribbean, and we find him to be extremely talented. He has a different style. He has a piece that he’s bringing that’s extremely hilarious. It’s a different flavour coming from a different country and a different culture.”

Joseph’s and De Saint’s performances will come up against the likes of some of Guyana’s top jokesters, including Uncensored 10 champion Mark Luke-Edwards; Mark “Chiney Man” Kazim; 2016 Uncensored Champion Chris Gopaul; Michael Ignatius; Jermaine Grimmond; Kirt “Chubby” Williams; Randolph Critchlow; Paul Burnette; and of course, Kerwin Mars, better known as ‘Sir Mars’.

‘Jumbie’ himself will also be performing, while representing the ladies will be Leza “Radika” Singh and Miranda Austin. This year will see some ‘fresh meat’ in the lineup with the debut performance of Kiven Pierre. Kunchi TV’s Miss Pepper will also be returning for an appearance this year.

As opposed to last year, where two standup comedy competitions were held, this year the show returns to having one competition night, and one night with the standup show. Joseph and De Saint will be performing both nights.

However, this year the competition will take the form of stand-up clashes, with eliminations at each round. All of the comedians will be paired off and made to battle it out against an opponent. The losing opponents will continue to be eliminated, while those remaining will then be paired off until there’s the last man (or woman) standing.
Mark Luke-Edwards shared that he is looking forward to coming out for another year, and delivering for the fans.

“You can expect the same brand of witty, satirical comedy I am I known for,” he said.

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