Talking music with Akeem Alexander

Akeem Alexander.

–who aspires to make it big one day

MUSIC has always been a ‘go-to’ for many young people, including 19-year-old Akeem Alexander, who hails from Diamond, East Bank Demerara.

Akeem is a customer service representative with aspirations of becoming an artiste.

In an interview with ‘The Buzz’, the young man said that he considers himself to be a very outspoken, intelligent and kind-hearted individual who has the mind of a 60-year-old person. “I’m young in age, but old in mind,” he said.

His love for music came from the likes of Nicki Minaj and Neyo, who are both successful artistes themselves, and Akeem hopes to gain their kind of success some day, or even bigger.
His singing ability varies in genre, such as Soca, R&B, Hop-hop and Dance Pop.

Akeem Alexander.

Being fairly new to the industry, Akeem said he has had the opportunity of performing in a number of local shows, such as KAST Talent Management’s ‘Made for Now’ production.

He cites these opportunities as a way of pushing himself and gaining popularity on the local scene before eventually going international where he can join the many Guyanese artistes who are working to put Guyana on the international scene.

“With much hard work and determination,” he said, “I believe that I can achieve this goal and help make a way for future artistes coming out of Guyana. And now this goal is even more possible, since I was signed to a new Management team, KAST TALENT MANAGEMENT, and they have been working with me to achieve this goal. It is time Guyanese people start respecting local artists and artistes, and with my contribution I know I can change that.”

He can be found on social media as: FB – Akeem Alexander, IG – @iamakeem, and Youtube – Akeem Alexander.