The Good Success/Craig Youth Group 

The Good Success/Craig Youth Group building (Carl Croker photos)

Empowering youths to become gainfully employed

By Michel Outridge

THE Good Success/Craig Community Youth Group (GSCCYG) is empowering youths of several East Bank villages with life skills training.

Their objective is to foster employment by offering life skills training after which they can become gainfully employed and ultimately contribute to society.

The training sessions are held in the bottom flat of the Caledonia/Good Success Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) building, where the place is equipped with 10 internet-ready computers, a printer, telephone service, WIFI, a library, a refrigerator, sewing machines, and a gas stove among other amenities.

According to Group Secretary/Teacher, Dominique Williams, there are 85 members of the GSCCYG and they have classes for knitting, dancing, cooking and sewing; they also see that interested youths, once they attain the required age, sign up for the recruitment course of the Guyana Police Force.

She related that the GSCCYG is managed by a Board of Directors with Norelle Fredericks being the President, Colin Weekes, the vice-president and others.

GSCCYG Secretary
Dominique Williams

“Ever since I joined this group I have become a well-rounded person, because I was a very shy person and now I can speak publicly without being scared and I am doing this to empower others to make something of their life by learning a trade, so they can have a job and earn,” she said.

Williams added that she is very pleased with herself because, with the support of the group, she has benefitted from many training programmes. As such, it has opened many doors for her.

She explained that the GSCCYG is an organisation devoted to empowering young people, who reside in the villages of Good Success and Craig, East Bank Demerara.

Williams added that their vision is to foster and support the social and educational development of all youths in the community, to become responsible, positive contributors and productive members of society, while achieving their full potential.

“We aim to engage, empower, inspire and prepare the youths to meet their social and educational needs, while imparting core values through service, camaraderie and perseverance,” she said.

GSCCYG also provides a forum for youths to air their concerns and to build their self-esteem through educational programmes, aimed at confidence-boosting.

The group meets several times per week to attain their goals and at the same time engage in many activities such as community service, recreation, arts and craft and field trips.

The organisation recently spearheaded a community-beautification project by implementing a clean-up of the village and planting palm trees along the roadway.

Professionals also ought to conduct forums with members and provide guidance on career paths, social issues and education.

Recently, a visiting psychologist from the United States and a judge from Jamaica conducted sessions with members of the group.

Individuals or corporations can support GSCCYG in many ways, such as sponsorship, donations, volunteering, offering skills training and mentoring, simply because the non-profit organisation is investing in youths.