MACORP/ISG Golf invitational set for tomorrow

MACORP and ISG yesterday hit a milestone with their 13th annual Golf Invitational scheduled for this Saturday at the Lusignan Golf Course.

At the handing-over ceremony in the new ISG headquarters building on the main road in Peter’s Hall, CEO Guillermo Escarraga, flanked by his executive team of Miguel Oviedo, Angel Amaris and Jordi Pinol, spoke eloquently about the passion his company has for golf and sports in general.

“MACORP is dedicated to the growth of all Guyanese and we see sports as a way to help kids, despite their circumstances, to escape the daily challenges and create opportunities for themselves” he said.

The CEO added that, “I especially want to thank the President of the club, Aleem Hussain, for his dedication to making the standards of the LGC to mirror those of our company”.

Present were members of the management team including Finance Manager, Anita Ramprasad, who was pleased to hear that the company-sponsored lighted driving range was available for night practice.

LGC President Aleem Hussain thanked the company and its team, referring to its past leader Jorge Medina who was instrumental in getting the company involved with the LGC.

“Many companies have supported the LGC but in terms of partnerships on which you can count on, during my term there was none better than MACORP. We look forward to great things in the years ahead and though the faces at this table will change, the philosophies will stay the same.”

Mr. Hussain shared that golf presents unique opportunities for women and children with scholarships at major universities being one of the benefits of learning the game.

“Companies can also use the game as a recruiting tool to determine how potential managers and employees react under stress and interact with others to resolve problems immediately without passing blame. This has been an exceptional year for the game and again our thanks to Macorp and ISG for all they have done for the sport and the LGC.”

Mr. Bonard Joseph and Kevin Bacchus were on hand to showcase the prizes for categories 0-9, 10-19, and 20-36 with awards for longest drive, nearest to pin, best gross and net overall. The tournament starts at 12:30 and members of the public are invited to come witness the country’s best golfers in action.


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