Condign action needed against Kalibur Security

Regional Chairman, Renis Morian speaking during the October statutory meeting

— Region 10 chairman

REGION 10 Chairman, Renis Morian has declared that the council will be taking serious and swift action against Kalibur Security service.

The security service has come under intense fire for what the regional chairman described as consistent disrespectful behaviour towards its female employees.
Morian said he has reached a stage where he is completely “fed-up” of the company’s actions and stated that he, like the rest of the members of the Region 10 Regional Democratic Council, wants immediate action.

“As regional chairman of Upper Demerara/ Berbice, I am really fed up meeting with the leaders of this security service from the city, to no avail, and I want to join with the rest of my council and take immediate action as we will certainly not continue like this,” Morian said.

He declared that the female employees are deliberately taken advantage of, and, as such, he and his council will not sit idly by and allow it to continue.
He disclosed that the female security guards are being treated as though they are in the Russian gulag, stating that they are continuously exposed to severe ‘verbal dressing down’ publicly and privately.

“I want to say that we on the council will certainly have to act in the interest of residents here as it is our responsibility to ensure that they are protected as a region,” the RC said.
Regional Chairman Morian disclosed that there continues to be numerous complaints against one, Mr Higgins.

He said that the employees have been constantly complaining to him and other councillors that Mr Higgins has issues, when female staffers raise their hurts with the administration and council.
He stressed that his council will step in and no longer wait upon management of the security firm to take action.

“We are calling on the honourable labour minister and the honourable minister of social protection to act now as these concerns are grave and severe. We have walked a very long journey from 2015; hence, we are protecting our gains and the stability that is obtained in this region,” Morian declared.

The evidently upset regional chairman continued: “We are not without recourse. I am declaring as the regional chairman that this security cannot denigrate women and be allowed to function in this region. Enough is enough and action is going to be taken. The people await due process to resolve the dismissals and suspensions,” Morian said.

He noted that the council, at its November meeting, which is slated for next week Thursday, will address the issues, as priority, and a course of action will be taken as time for discussion was over.

He said that, based on the decisions that will be taken, measures will be implemented to send a message to the security firm that the perception that ‘anything goes in Region 10’ is a myth.

“Don’t be fooled, we are united on this issue and ready,” Morian declared, adding: “The council after its meeting will be sending a formal complaint to the Department of Labour and the Ministry of Social Protection.”