Guyanese to be charged for drug trafficking

Arrested: Kester Anfrany Johnson

A 23-year-old Guyanese is facing drug trafficking charges after excreting over 25 pellets of cocaine from his stomach.

The man was identified as Kester Anfrany Johnson. Reports indicate that security officials at the John F Kennedy Airport, in New York, noticed that Johnson was acting nervously and suspiciously after arriving on a Caribbean Airlines flight out from Guyana.

He was pulled over, and, under questioning, provided airport officials with inconsistent travel plans.
His baggage was subjected to inspection and he became increasingly nervous, causing officials to suspect something was amiss.

It is alleged that Johnson failed to properly answer questions asked of him as well as to provide the contact information, including the address of the relative he intended to stay at.

Law enforcement officers noticed that the young man made three trips to the US over the past year and his ticket was either purchased just days before travel or on the same day of travel.

Based on his responses and general demeanour, he was subjected to an x-ray which revealed foreign objects in his stomach.

He was taken into custody and subsequently excreted 25 pellets, which were later revealed to be cocaine.
It is suspected that he has more in his body and authorities there are monitoring him.