SWAT team amongst GDF ranks in airborne operations training
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Senior joint service operatives who participated in airborne operations
Senior joint service operatives who participated in airborne operations

THE Joint Services is poised for added improvement following the successful test launch of heavy cargo by the members of the 3 1 Special Forces Squadron as well as an additional set of paratroopers which also include members of the Special Weapons and Tactics Unit (SWAT).

The historic moments were unveiled on Friday October 11, 2019, at Air Station London (Air Corps).

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Operations) Maxine Graham and Second in Command (Operations) Senior Superintendent Errol Watts strapped in preparation for airborne operations

The activity was the official closing ceremony for the Grade Three Special Forces Course 2019/01, of which Airborne Operations (Para-trooping) is a component, and the Free Fall Course 2018/2019-01.

A total of 35 students graduated from the Grade 3 Special Forces Course, with 13 from various units of the Force and six members of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) SWAT team joining to complete the Airborne Operations Phase.

According to the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), it is the first time that members of the GPF have been trained on the course. Seven other soldiers successfully completed the Free Fall Course. The members of both courses successfully completed closing jumps.

Immediately following the jumps, there was a display of aerial delivery of cargo by newly- trained Launch-masters, Lieutenant Kaya Dover and Sergeant Chris Corbin, who recently returned from the relevant training in Brazil.

Three cargoes were discharged from the skyvan. The first cargo, which was an ammunition crate, weighed 110 lbs, while the second, consisting of three ammunition crates, weighed 233 lbs.

Inspector General, Colonel Trevor Bowman presented a certificate to one of the GPF ranks who participated in the event

The third and largest cargo was a humanitarian case which weighed 453 lbs. The cargoes were launched with parachutes and they all landed successfully.

Inspector General, Colonel Trevor Bowman congratulated the ranks for their diligence and perseverance throughout the courses.

He noted that the fact that the SWAT ranks were part of the course and competed successfully with the Special Force ranks, speaks volumes of the unity and cohesiveness of the Joint Services.

He also congratulated Lt Dover and Sargent Corbin for their diligence and attentiveness to training which has now boosted the Force’s capability of delivering supplies to any part of the country.

Paratroopers in action

“This is in no way a small achievement. Ask the troops on the border who would see the aircraft with supplies circling but was unable to land and forced to return to Timehri. We now have the expertise and means of delivery and an expanded fleet of aircraft that would make these things possible,” he noted.

Colonel Bowman encouraged the soldiers to expand their knowledge base and cross train to ensure that everyone in the Special Forces Squadron has the expertise to fulfil all the unit’s functions.

To the SWAT ranks, the Inspector General told them that in order to remain current, they should return to do refresher training with SF ranks. He also encouraged the ranks to continue to develop themselves and focus on leading healthy lives.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Operations) Maxine Graham, Second in Command (Operations) Senior Superintendent Errol Watts and Head of the SWAT team, Deputy Superintendent Amit Dass was also present at the activity.

Lance Corporal Troy Miggins graduated as Best Student while Corporal Delon Sheckle of the Guyana Police Force SWAT team was awarded the prize for the runner-up student of the Grade Three Special Forces course.

The course is intended to equip students with the core skills of the 31 Special Forces which will enable them to effectively execute operational duties within a Special Forces team in accordance with the associated manual.

Students are also equipped with the knowledge to operate effectively under combat situations in the jungle terrain. Additionally, the course, among other objectives, aims to give students the requisite skills to successfully execute Force extraction jumps even if emergencies are encountered.

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