‘Child of God’ to spend three months in prison for assault

Seon Cholomondeley

A 48-year-old Barber appeared before Principal Magistrate Faith McGusty in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court and pleaded guilty to the charge which stated that, on September 16, at Regent Road Bourda, Georgetown, he unlawfully assaulted his ex-girlfriend.

Seon Cholomondeley of East Ruimveldt, Georgetown, who was unrepresented, said to the court “Me and this woman dated for a while and we broke up because I wasn’t living up to her Christian lifestyle.”

He added “I went to the church and the pastor gave me some scriptures to read. While reading the scriptures I realized that she was guilty of certain things so I went to confront her about her wrongdoings. When I told her she got upset and we started to fight.”
Police Prosecutor stated that, on the day in question, the defendant went to the woman’s workplace where they had a confrontation.

The two got into an argument and the woman stopped a minibus. While the woman was entering the said minibus, Cholmondeley grabbed her.

Reports stated that, the woman began walking away from the defendant but he pushed her into a wall and said, “you provoking me and will cause me to do something to you.”
However, public spirited citizens saw the scuffle and called the police and Cholomondeley was later arrested and charged.

Magistrate McGusty, after listening to the statements of the Prosecutor, asked Cholomondeley if he had anything to say and he replied, “I am a child of God.”
He was then sentenced to three months’ imprisonment and instructed to read his scriptures.