‘Emerge 8’

The workshop was developed for children, ages 9 to 16.

– Designed for children by children

SIMONE Dowding, who has 34 years in the Performing Arts in Guyana under her belt, will be staging her annual children’s drama show later this month at the Theatre Guild Playhouse on Parade Street, Kingston.

‘Emerge 8’ is a production that is designed for children by children.

“Emerge 8 is a children’s production that is designed for children by children,” Dowding told the Buzz this week about her upcoming show.
The children were trained by her during their two-month vacation from school, and the drama workshop will culminate in a grand performance on Saturday, August 31, from 18:00hrs sharp.

“It was well developed for children ages 9-16; however, a little seven-year-old girl wormed her way into the grains of the ‘Purple Arts.’ In all honesty, she didn’t do much, but the little that she did was admirably digested,” Dowding expressed.

The workshop started off with 40 children, but ended up with 30. “This was due to their other activities clashing with the workshop, such as STEM workshop, SBA, swimming competition, transportation in the case of a little girl coming from Santa Mission,” Dowding said, adding, “Nevertheless, we saw three skits, and for the first time, the children did quite a few pieces of Spoken Word/Poetry.

Simone Dowding.

The Ministry of Social Protection is throwing its support behind the initiative, hence the performances will carry messages on child labour, child abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse, physical abuse and mental abuse.

“The whole idea behind this is to start Education from the bottom up. We have two University of Guyana students doing their internship with us, namely, Lashone Bess and Tatiana Miller.”

As usual, First Lady Sandra Granger will be in attendance, along with Minster of Health, Volda Lawrence and Minster of Culture Dr. George Norton. The show will last for 90 minutes, and tickets are going for $1,000.

Dowding is a recipient of the Guyana Cultural Association of New York Award.

“Here is a special invitation to you the general public to come and enjoy children in the performing arts. They need your support,” Dowding said, adding: “Heartfelt thanks to Akailah Dorris and the Ministry of Social Protection; Clyde Dehaas and Courts; Basil Mahadeo and NALICO/NAFICO; Miranda Takure-Dean and Give Another Chance Foundation; Abigail Waterman and Grooming Palace Salon.”

Dowding is a recipient of the Guyana Cultural Association of New York Award, and will be attending the ceremony on August 28 in Brooklyn.