Another PPP/C bird that cannot fly
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Dear Editor
So Bharat Jagdeo, the self-ascribed, political god of the PPP/C has proclaimed his edict that, “The PPP will not accept voter’s list generated by house-to-house registration”, News Source, July 23, 2019.

Not a surprise, by the since known devious standards of an opposition leader who grows desperate by the day in his hell’s rush for political power; with his illogical mindset, emitting the dangerous wildness of an intemperate human.

Editor, for those Guyanese who would have been availing themselves of GECOM’S many public pronouncements, would know that this decision for house-to-house registration, would have been taken by full agreement of the elections commission, since February 19, 2019, and given effect via Order No. 25 of 2019, June 11. In other words, it was an across the board agreement, inclusive of the Peoples Progressive Party/Civic’s participation of its three commissioners. Thus, there can be no misunderstanding of any kind, as to its legality, on the part of Jagdeo, and his political bidders, whose attempts to brand such an exercise as “illegal’’, “extreme’’ and dangerous’’, further expose their dishonest fulminations, and attempts to support the fraudulent public behaviour of the driver of their political opposition bandwagon.

One wonders how do these devious and dangerously, misleading political jockeys seek to make illegal, an agreement to which their political horse would have jointly sanctioned as a legitimate race for the political track.

Editor, it is not difficult to discern the wicked portents which, by such a dishonest statement, Jagdeo and the PPP/C are hoping to create for effect and end product and results. This political fossil is cunningly encouraging a situation of non-participation in the eventual national and regional elections, which will call into question the fairness of the poll, coupled with the slimy lie of non-participation, with the aim of distorting the results for international attention, and possible opprobrium.

Further, in his party’s letter in the Guyana Chronicle of July 23, 2019, “PPP refuses to participate in house-to-house registration” it states in part “…will not participate in the illegal unilateral activity by the CEO which threatens peace and stability in the country and undermines constitutional rule’’. Here again, is Jagdeo and party’s outright dishonesty in seeking to disassociate his party’s commissioners from the collective decision making process of the GECOM’s decision making structure. One must, again, question the PPP/C duplicitous claim of an “illegal” and “unilateral” process, when its commissioners would have supported and sanctioned this particular decision.

As leader of the political opposition party in Guyana, Jagdeo has a constitutional mandate that makes him an important part of the national decision making process on matters pertaining to the national interest. Such an understanding dictates that he be responsible in his public statements, and not misleading and inciting the public, as is his tradition.
It is unfathomable for Jagdeo to be alleging that the legitimate procedure of house-to-house registration poses a “threat” to the peace, inclusive of its “stability’’. How can this be, when the process now in progress is wholly legitimate, and has always been a part of the preparation for the national and regional elections. Only Jagdeo’s duplicitous mind with its penchant for wild concoctions, can explain such detritus.

Surely, he is the one, guilty of seeking to create a hostile environment; hoping that his announcement of “non-acceptance”, will result in non-participation of his constituents; which, of course, he will have to shoulder full responsibility, since there is no known impediment, or barriers to citizens being registered for the purpose of national and regional elections.

Earl Hamilton

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