Jay Anderson releases ‘Don’t fight it’
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By Tracey Khan

‘Jay Anderson’ prefers to stand out and is eccentrically creative as an artiste and individual. He uses his talent like a painter to illustrate some of his most personal experiences and shares them with the world.

His music is not only controversial but thought-provoking and has sparked public debates on cheating and religion in many squares. He mostly sings hip hop types songs but has dabbled in gospel which many found shocking to say the least.

“I am creating a conversation…people will have mixed emotions but it will spark a conversation about real life issues, Jumaine Walcott said which is his real name.

He explained that the circumstances which are depicted through his music is by no means promoting immoral acts.

“We are all capable of making our own decisions as adults and often times people lose focus of the musical and artistic aspect of the message because it’s so strong…it’s art and reality…that’s all I’m doing sharing pieces of my life in art and creating realistic conversations which brings me great satisfaction.”

His music is a sequential process of his actual life. “My art goes in a timeline format from one time to the next. So, I’m painting my life in the perfect sequence and…I’m gonna say what people think and what people do even though it is frowned upon but not because I say cheat you should, it’s up to you.”

His most recent release, “Don’t Fight It” is a follow up to his previous song, “Flex” and it boldly speaks about cheating making it his first release for the year. Even though he has an impressive song collection most of them have not been released as yet and to him timing is everything.

He added that, “what I am doing is not new, nothing is new under the sun…I’m fine with people judging, but whose judgement matters to me is God.”

‘House of Madness Entertainment’ (HOME) is the label that Jay is creating and will launch soon and his song, “Don’t fight it,” is the company’s first release. It’s a fun upbeat catchy record, “people are scared to do the things that that are good for you…. fear is the enemy…and this song is saying don’t fight it…also remember you can do what you feel like doing but prepare to deal with the consequences.”

HOME will be a safe space for artiste creating art that imitates life and will make room for talents and allow them to grow and present their gifts to the world. “There needs to be a home for people who are not afraid to say what they feel.”

He wants to be remembered in a meaningful way and is taking steps in that direction, “the biggest thing for me is legacy and immortality and I believe if you say things and do it you will live forever…I want for people to relate to me in every possible way and inflict and pound on their emotions.”

Jay Anderson is also working on a foundation to help those in need and impact peoples lives in more ways.

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