I accept some blame for sorry state of G’town


Dear Editor,
I READ a letter written and published in the Stabroek News, May 16, 2019, titled, “Georgetown is nothing like the Garden City it was in 1971, let us put our efforts together to restore it.”

Every word in that letter is valid and the writer deserves to be highly commended.
As mayor for a long time, I must take some responsibility and share some blame for the sorry and sad situation of our capital.

It is not for the want of trying, but thanks to our disunity and the narrow-mindedness of many in high places, for years every effort to restore the city was frustrated.
Time can heal and I hope and pray that all concerned will put aside pettiness and accept that the city is our capital and that we can come together to achieve what will be tedious and monumental, but to make a determined effort to restore Georgetown.
It is not necessary to recite the many efforts made in recent times to save our city; but thanks to an emerging culture of uncaring behaviour and low standards, we faltered and failed.

The new mayor now has an opportunity to put in place a suggestion made by the writer.
I know he is anxious to do as Hercules did, to clean the Augean stables, but it requires all hands on deck — central government, the Ministry of Communities, the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, all youth groups, all religious organisations, the media, the judiciary and the security forces.

I am copying my letter and the one to which I referred earlier to the mayor; I know he must first deal with the attitudes of certain citizens, starting at City Hall.
However, the goal to restore Georgetown as the Garden City of the Caribbean is worth the effort.

Hamilton Green