M&CC to deal sternly with ‘litter bugs’

DIRECTOR of Solid Waste Management of the Georgetown Mayor and City Council, Walter Narine, has expressed disappointment at the way citizens indiscriminately dispose of solid waste in Georgetown.

Narine’s comments come in light of the non-utilisation of litter bins provided for citizens and vendors for the annual kite-flying activities on the Georgetown Seawall on Monday, April 22, 2019.

The solid waste director said that much more needs to be done through enforcement of the bye-laws. Accordingly, the city is moving to enforce fines for “litter bugs”; one can be fined $25,000 or a maximum of $100,000 for the offence.

Narine was keen to point out that the M&CC’s Solid Waste Department is not only about the collection and disposal of waste: “It’s about finding alternatives for the waste that we throw out. They’re all value-added products. Everything that we throw out daily, we can find value for them if you have the appropriate technology and know-how.”

The department is on a mission to show the possibilities of converting the different facets of waste into value-added commodities.
Narine made the point that unless there is the adoption of litter- free practices by citizens and enforcement of the anti-littering laws by the council, the problem is likely to continue and escalate.

Previously, there have been efforts by the City Council and particularly the Solid Waste Department, to rid the city of unsightly garbage; and there is indication of stringent measures being put in place to deal with defaulters .


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