Clarification of a misguided official insertion

Dear Editor
IT was brought to my attention and I read it myself that an official online service adopted the text and inserted a constitutional commission that I am serving on in a letter/interview recently done in the Guyana Chronicle newspaper, December 19, Page 2. It was used as a background reference when it should not have been used at all. This insertion was quickly misconstrued, dishonestly adopted for obvious reasons, and presumed to be an announcement from and on behalf of the Ethnic Relations Commission on which I am a commissioner.

I wish to go on record as saying that it is not so. I have a media background as far back as 1983[4] as a non-fiction graphic illustrator, a fiction writer/illustrator, cartoonist, letter writer and columnist and commercial advertiser, using for the first time local design artwork in ads.

The Ethnic Relations Commission that I served on as the Afro-Guyanese representative is not a convenient and casual flag that any commissioner on it would waive to his or her pleasure unsanctioned and without permission from its collective authority. The content of the interview will resonate with hostility from supporters of the accused, this I understand. But this was presented from me as a known cultural and social activist; that constituted part of the reasons for my constituency selection on the ERC; the other and more important is the diligence through which I present my media work on any subject. I hope this suffices, especially those bent on accepted intrigues of swift propaganda.

Barrington Braithwaite

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