Bartica has full confidence in APNU+AFC gov’t

Dear Editor,
A ‘CLEAN, Green and Safe Environment’ in three years is just about enough for the people of Bartica to express Full Confidence in the APNU+AFC government.

Bartica is slowly recovering from decades of political troubles. We have seen it all, from a bloody massacre to removal of the elected NDC and its replacement by a politically appointed IMC. Residents were sold house lots in the Five Miles Housing Scheme at exorbitant prices despite there being no basic infrastructure (electricity and water). In addition, millions were invested in the upgrade of the water network, an upgrade that never came to fruition. Residents continue to receive water every other day.

The Byderabo dumpsite was allowed to become an environmental crisis and heavily polluted both the Essequibo River and a nearby creek. Whenever rain fell residents in that area used an alternate road, since flies would get into their noses as they hopped through worms crawling across the road.

The timber industry which employed hundreds of workers in the many sawmills in and around the community and brought much life to Bartica, quickly dwindled and today is actually non-existent. The business community was forced to supply its own power because of the frequent power outages. Moreso, the dilapidated transport stelling only added to the woes of those doing business. Today, Bartica has seen a genuine commitment to development by the present government. In less than a year after taking office, the APNU+AFC government made Bartica a town and gave us the mandate of leading Guyana’s “green” development. It was the beginning of a new era, which continues to see improvement and development in many areas, among them being:

1. Bartica was awarded just under 600 million Guyana dollars to improve its electricity supply.

2.The town was also awarded an additional 500 million dollars to restore the transport stelling and its supporting infrastructure.

3. Millions were spent on the Byderabo dumpsite, curbing the environmental crisis that existed. A new site has since been identified and preparations are well under way to constructing a modern waste management site.

4. Bartica now enjoys its own radio station.

5. We celebrate the opportunity to elect our own leaders in local government elections.

6. Our community is safer since we are home to the police ‘F’ Division headquarters.

7. Domestic tourism has been significantly boosted, since visitors are no longer limited to the massacre-related ‘Monument of Hope.’ Instead, tourists are now afforded the opportunity of exploring our many green spaces while enjoying government-provided free Wi-Fi.

8. Many government buildings are now “greener” with the installation of PV systems.

9. Residents of Five Miles Housing Scheme will have electricity by the first quarter of 2019.

10. For the first time in its history, the entire township of Bartica will receive daily water supply by the end of 2019.

11. The present construction of the Magistrate’s Court and soon- to-be completed passport office will most certainly make true on the promise of the “good life” for all.

12. The Bartica Hospital continues to be transformed as it fulfils its mandate of becoming a regional hospital. The installation of the CT Scan and soon-to-be commissioned water ambulance will significantly boost our healthcare delivery.

13. Significant investment continues to be made in sports and education. The Bartica Sports Centre is expected to be completed by mid-2019.

Mr Editor, we Barticians have seen improvements in and around our community. Let it be known, the people of Bartica will not be hoodwinked by selfish political ambitions. We have noted with much disgust the campaign of “doom and gloom” and the continued attempts to drive fear into the populace through various media. Mr Editor, let it be known that we stand by His Excellency President David Arthur Granger and his government in this challenging time, and say to all Guyana that we will not be moved by any pitiful political agenda which is founded on deception and untruths.

Gifford Marshall
Mayor, Municipality of Bartica

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