Bandits shoot, rob Industry businessman
The car in which Dannyram Kissoon and his friend were when they were attacked by bandits
The car in which Dannyram Kissoon and his friend were when they were attacked by bandits

–friend also hurt in the shooting

AN Industry businessman and his friend, a doctor, were shot and robbed outside his Industry Crown Dam, East Coast Demerara home around midday on Thursday.
Dannyram Kissoon, who runs a body-work shop at his premises, had earlier gone to the bank and withdrawn a sum of money from a commercial bank on the East Coast, and had just returned home when the incident occurred.

Seated in the front passenger seat of his motorcar at the time was his friend, who had gone with him to the bank.
Reports are that when Kissoon arrived home, a silver-grey Premio motorcar pulled up alongside his, and two men, one of whom was carrying a gun, got out of the vehicle.
The one with the gun reportedly demanded that Kissoon hand over all $450,000 he’d withdrawn from the bank.

And just so Kissoon would know that he meant business, the gunman reportedly discharged several rounds at the driver’s side of the car, hitting both victims, as his accomplice reached for the money.
After the bandits had made good their escape and the coast was clear, neighbours rushed Kissoon and his friend to a city hospital.

An eyewitness, who did not wish to be named, said she was sitting at home when she saw Kissoon’s car pull up, with the silver-grey Premio right behind him.
“I see when the person pulled up to the car, and I see the shooting at the passenger side,” the woman said, adding:

“I start scream, and persons run out. When I see Kissoon, he had blood on his hands because he get shoot.”
The police have launched an investigation into the matter.

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