Abusive reputed husband knifes teen ‘peace maker’ to death
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..abused victim hid murder weapon

A 40-year-old man is in custody as the police in ‘A’ Division continue their investigation into the murder of 19-year-old Nyron Vyphuis, who was allegedly killed by Junior Jones.
The incident took place at Circuit Ville, Yarrowkabra, Soedsyke-Linden Highway,when Vyphuis attempted to intervene in an argument that the older man and his reputed wife were having at the time.

Following the murderous act ,which saw the older man using a kitchen knife to inflict a stab wound to the teen’s chest, the reputed wife of the man who was being abused when the teen intervened, picked up the murder weapon and tossed it into a pit latrine. Residents however saw when she did that and when the police arrived they alerted them. According to residents, police recovered a bloodstained knife.

Cousin of the dead man, Anny Smith, said that she saw her cousin earlier on Saturday when he was finished doing his handyman work around the squatting area.
The woman explained that the 19-year-old then went to the front of the area with his girlfriend and the reputed wife of the suspect asked him to follow her to the front of the road, so that she can place her sister in law into a taxi.

When they returned to the area, the two stopped at the home where the suspect lived and shortly after the man and the woman got into an argument where, he reportedly hit the woman.

It was at that point that the now dead teen intervened and cautioned the older man saying “you can’t knock Aunty Lexy.”

At that point the man became incensed and picked up an axe and charged to the teen but persons in the area stopped him and took away the axe from him. The man then rushed into his home and returned with a kitchen knife.

“He took the kitchen knife, hold my cousin by he shirt and bore he in the stomach,” Anny Smith related to this publication.

The young man was reportedly left to bleed to death on the dam, until some person approached Anny and told her that the pastry man had murdered her cousin. The village leader was immediately informed and he along with some others, went to the home of the suspect and arrested him as he had retreated there after allegedly committing the act.
The police in a press statement told the media that the incident took place sometime around 19hrs on Saturday. They also confirmed that the murder weapon was recovered and that the suspect is in custody, as the investigation continues.

The body of the young man is presently at a funeral home and a post-mortem is expected to be performed on it tomorrow.

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