WBSC and GBL hold successful Baseball5 Coaching course

Part of the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) and Guyana Baseball League Baseball5 Coaching course

THE Guyana Baseball League (GBL) in conjunction with the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) held a successful Baseball5 Coaching education programme at the Georgetown Cricket Club on Thursday last.

Baseball5 is a relatively new game, a formalisation of rules for a street baseball game, designed to drive the spread of baseball and softball internationally.

The WBSC provided the services of international experts Professor Pablo Terry Alvarez and Mr. Orlando Amador Molina from Cuba. Participants were taught the rudiments of the game and were quickly able to demonstrate proficiency at the game to the approval of the experts.

Professor Alvarez said “We have been travelling the world teaching this form of the game, where no bats or safety equipment is needed and Guyana is where we found the quickest adaption to this fast-paced version of baseball. We have recommended a series of measures to President Robin Singh for preparation for participation in the inaugural Baseball5 World Cup”

Secretary General of the GBL, Devon Douglas, said “We are delighted with this format of the great game of baseball. This is exactly what our country needs, a sport that is affordable for all, that can be played in any available space and also one that challenges players physically and mentally at maximum speed”

The GBL will be unveiling national plans for Baseball5 shortly.