Westfield Prep girl tops at NGSA


Nalia Rahaman of Westfield Prep Primary School- a private school located at 120-121 Parade Street, Kingston, Georgetown topped this year National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) with a score of 529 marks.

She was followed by Arthur Roberts of New Guyana, School with 525, Kaydee Ali of Success Elementary with 524, Esha Lakeram of New Diamond/Grove Primary; Cianna Barkoye of North Georgetown Primary; Zyia Brathwaite of Success Elementary and Krystal Duncan, New Guyana School all tied with 523 marks.

An aspiring author and President, Rahaman told the Guyana Chronicle that she never expected to do so well. “I didn’t expect to do this well, but that is what I prayed for during the month of Ramadan,” she told this newspaper. She thanked Allah, her parents and teacher for her achievement. She also said she had a balance school life but had to give up the fun and games temporarily to study for her exams