Region Five gets ‘smart’ health centres


REGION Five (Mahaica/Berbice) is slated to receive two new health centres designed and constructed in keeping with the concept of “smart medical facilities.”
One centre will be constructed at Mon Choisi Village, on the West Coast of Berbice, at an approximate cost of $28M, and the other at Carlton Hall, Mahaicony, at an approximate cost of $26.5M.
Regional Engineer Mr Dhanpaul Sukha, disclosed that tenders for the two facilities have been received, are currently being evaluated, and are expected to be approved by Cabinet.
The concept of “smart” health facilities state that they create dynamic and engaging settings that cater to the individualised needs of patients, and identify opportunities for staff and administrators that broaden treatment options, as well as where that treatment is provided.
Sukha explained that there are certain facilities which will be built into the two centres such as access ramps and washroom facilities for the differently abled, lots of natural ventilation, adequate fire protection, as well as ‘green economy’ concepts such as the installation of LED light bulbs in the buildings, instead of the traditional fluorescent lights.
The centre at Carlton Hall will replace the building currently being used at neighbouring High Dam, which, according to Sukha, was more of a community building than a health facility.
One of the major disadvantages with that building, he said, was that the health facilities were on the upper floor, which posed a problem for patients having to negotiate the stairs.
The centre at Mon Choisi, meanwhile, replaces the one currently at Cotton Tree, which had been constructed on a plot of privately owned land.