Several areas flooded in Wismar
One section of the flooded area in Wismar
One section of the flooded area in Wismar

RESIDENTS of First, Second and Third Alleys located on the Wismar shore, in the mining town of Linden, are battling floodwaters as result of recent heavy rains and high tides.
Residents of the small communities related to the Guyana Chronicle that the floods have been going on for the past week but the heavy rains which occurred on Thursday added to their plight, by raising the water above the levels of bottom flats. Yesterday morning (Thursday) when I woke up water deh up to me ankle in me bedroom, and this morning when I wake up me chair in water, me freezer, everything,” Beverly Craig of Third Alley told the Guyana Chronicle. “All I see is all me freezer lights gone, me fridge light gone and the whole chair gone, so I just say me whole house done with and I just bath me skin, walk through the rain and went by me friend,” she said. Craig does not know where she and her daughter will lay their heads as the entire house in inundated and said that she has not seen any regional official visiting the communities to render any assistance. “I still paying Courts for my closet and freezer so I say I gon go into them and see what going on because is done they done with,” she said.

The flooded yard of a Wismar resident

Residents are concerned as to what may have caused the flooding since all of the drains and kokers seem to be working perfectly well and the community has never experienced this level of flooding in the past.
Linden Mayor, Carwyn Holland when contacted on Friday said that he is in Bartica and was just told about the flood and has since requested the Councillor representing the Constituency to pay the residents a visit. Regional Chairman, Renis Morian was also in Georgetown when contacted. Residents of Retrieve were a few weeks back battling to save their houses which were damaged by a freak storm, while one resident of Richmond Hill entire house had collapsed as a result of the storm. Residents of Coomacka have also experienced severe flooding while farmers of West Watooka have been coping with light flooding.

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