Kees ‘bus he locs’ –fans can’t handle it

The new-look Kees Dieffenthaller, of the ‘Trini’ group, ‘Kes the Band’

HE’S known across the Caribbean and beyond as the soca artiste, Kees Dieffenthaller, and his signature event is “Tuesday on the Rocks”.
He’s also known far and wide for his signature dreadlocks. But as he announced via social media last Tuesday, he’s gotten somewhat tired of the look and now wants to try something new, much to the disappointment of quite a few of his female fans.
“New look, new tings!” he posted. “We’ve kicked off our Endless Summer Sessions, and you can expect more good things to come. Hope you folks will be tuning in next week Tuesday. Happy #TuesdayontheRocks #tuesdaywithoutlocs.”