Centenary Indian indentureship art exhibition opens tomorrow


AN exhibition of selected works of visual art titled, “Ganga Ship 1917: The Long Journey” hosted by the Arts Forum to mark the centenary of the formal end of Indian indentureship, will open tomorrow at the Guyana National Library.

According to a release, the exhibition will commence at 17:00 hrs and will continue at 14:00 hrs on April 1.

Thereafter, it will be mounted at the National Gallery of Art, Castellani House, from April 11to May 9, 2017.

A mix of established and emerging artists living in Guyana and including Betsy Karim, Philbert Gajadhar, Michael Khan, Bernadette Indira Persaud, Brian Tankoon, Darshani Kistama and Ramroop Mahase, are expected to showcase a limited sampling of their works. The curator and coordinator of “Ganga Ship 1917: The Long Journey” is Bernadette Indira Persaud.

The Arts Forum Inc was founded by Ameena Gafoor in 2003 to bring to light works of visual art of Indian-Guyanese artists which, up until then, hardly existed in the national consciousness.

The work of The Arts Forum was broadened in 2004 with the publication of The Arts Journal, a scholarly Journal published annually, and featuring critical perspectives on contemporary social history, the literary, visual and cultural traditions and artefacts of Guyana and the Caribbean.

The Arts Journal also publishes creative writing, interviews and book reviews.

The editor of The Arts Journal is Ameena Gafoor and the Art Editor is Bernadette Persaud.