St Angela’s Headmistress elated over 2-peat Pee Wee football title
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We are the Champions! Some members of 'Back-to-back
We are the Champions! Some members of 'Back-to-back" Pee-wee football Champions, St Angela's Primary take time out to pose with spoils along with Coach Oscar Payne and Head Teacher Mrs. Alecia Osborne-Blair during lunch break yesterday.

… looking forward to 3-peat

By Ras Wadada
HEADMISTRESS of ‘back-to-back’ Pee Wee football champions, Mrs Alecia Osborne-Blair, is over the moon with her school’s repeat championship win last Sunday at Thirst Park.
“Right now I am elated, I am happy for the boys and I am extremely proud of their achievement. They have been working day-in day-out with the coach, who has always been there for them in a limited area not conducive for outdoor football, but it paid off in the end and we at St Angela’s Primary are very happy,” a smiling Mrs Osborne-Blair told Chronicle Sport during her lunch break at the school.

The Headmistress was among hundreds of fans who watched the Championship game, which her school won 1-0 against next door neighbours, St Agnes Primary. She claims it was her most memorable experience.
“Being part of the crowd support and witnessing the historic achievement on Sunday is definitely my most memorable experience as a teacher at St Angela’s.
“When the game started I got my chair close to the field and as I watched, very tense, I could see our boys looking relaxed and confident.
“I am not a person to express myself by jumping and shouting in public, but when we scored I was out of my chair, jumping up and shouting like every other person. It was memorable and after the game I joined in doing the Champion dance celebration with my boys and fans,” recalled the acting Headmistress.
“This achievement has certainly put us on the map and I am happy for it to be highlighted, because at St Angela’s Primary we have talented children in Sports as well as children who perform well in academics.”
“I know there were persons who wanted us to lose and that is natural in sport, but our performance over the two years, where we have lost only once has been consistent, so we are the champions again,” the Head said with a broad smile.
“What was disappointing was that our coach who has been very dedicated and successful over the last two years was not recognised as the ‘Coach-of-the-Tournament’. Honestly I was disappointed, but we will honour and recognise him as the best coach soon.
“We look forward for him being here next year to bring home the crown again. We really, really appreciate the work the coach has done with the team. In two years we have not lost our 14 matches and conceded only a solitary goal.”
Mrs Osborne-Blair indicated that she has been inspired by the performance and is already thinking ahead of next year.

“I do not know much about football but when I watched our boys play last Sunday I saw talent and skill and I mentioned to the teacher who acts as the manager of the team, Miss Gordon, that we must start preparing from now for next year and find a way to have the coach working continuously with other students, to get the best talent we have at the school and be ready for any tournament.
“We have no facility to adequately do what we would want to do, but I will have discussions with the Ministry of Education to see what assistance could be rendered in terms of getting a facility to develop the sport at our school.
“We have the potential to be like a feeder for Guyana’s football and I would really love to see that manifested. I am available for any discussions with the relevant authorities who are willing to come on board to make this a reality,” Mrs Osborne-Blair declared.
Due to the inclement weather yesterday a specially planned morning assembly for the champions had to be put off to this coming Friday when the school will honour the coach and the victorious team.
In addition to taking away the coveted Champions trophy, St. Angela’s’ Shuwada Hutson was adjudged the Best Goalkeeper of the Tournament and Antoin Vinvent was named MV, and the tournament’s top goal scorer Seon Cato.

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