Why is Julius Faerber creating mayhem in Region Three?

Dear Editor,

OVER the past two months or so, I would have considerably restrained myself from offering a position on the current controversies ongoing at the Regional Democratic Council of Region Three, fundamentally because I am of the firm opinion that Julius Faerber is suffering tremendously from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to the fact that the PPP/C lost the May 11, 2015 election.But after reading a letter written by Julius Faerber and a PPP councillor respectively, in the Stabroek News of October 3, 2016 with the caption “APNU AFC COUNCILLORS DISRUPTED RDC MEETING,” and again in the Kaieteur News of October 4, 2016 under the said caption, I am compelled to tender my position.

Firstly, with reference to the August statutory RDC meeting, I wish to endorse the letters published in the Stabroek News and the Kaieteur News written by Parmeshwar Ramdiol and a PPP councillor and bearing the captions “Region 3 REO has nothing to apologise for” and “The real story behind the Region 3 RDC walkout,” dated September 3 and 10, 2016 respectively. It is my belief that I have the authority to endorse these missives, because I was present at the RDC meeting and recognise the truthfulness of the letters as opposed to the untruthfulness documented in Julius Faerber’s letter in Guyana Times dated September 15, 2016 with the caption “Impasse in Region 3 needs to end for the good of the citizens.”

To begin with, Mr. Faerber contended in his most recent missive to the media that a “No Confidence Motion” was passed for the removal of the REO. Under the Laws of Guyana, Local Democratic Organs – Chapter 28:09 under the section Subsidiary Legislation, subsection 5.3, it is clearly written that for Region No. 3, twenty seven (27) elected councillors are members of the Regional Democratic Council. For clarity, if a unanimous decision is taken at the Council, it means that all 27 voted in favour of, or the amount present that constituted the quorum. In the case of an absolute majority, it would be 2/3 of the councilors; and if it is a simple majority, it would be just over half of the 27, or just over half of the amount that constituted the quorum.

In the case of the last statutory RDC meeting, twenty-two (22) councillors were present, which means there was a quorum, and I therefore challenge the Regional Chairman to provide proof that a simple majority, or 12 councillors, voted in support of his impromptu no-confidence motion.

Editor, I am in possession of evidence to show that less than six councillors voted in support, so it baffles me heavily to understand Julius Faerber’s position that council voted on a motion to express no confidence in Mr. Denis Jaikaran.

Further, there is evidence to show that a female councillor was shouted at to take her seat in a very disrespectful manner by the Chairman. I beg him to also dispute this claim.

Secondly, the confused Regional Chairman had claimed in his said most recent missive that REO Denis Jaikaran only works on decisions that suit his interest and not the interest of the council. Editor, I can flood your newspaper with works done in Region Three by REO Denis Jaikaran. These all suit the interest of Region 3 citizens, but space would not permit.

However, allow me space to mention just a few: construction of Home Economics and Science Laboratory at Wakenaam Secondary School; Construction of bitumen road in Wakenaam (Bankhall area); renovation of deplorable Government buildings at Wakenaam; donation to Wakenaam Night Committee, which is headed by a PPP/C councilor; installation of a proper gate at Wakenaam Secondary School; installation of lights for the Maria’s Pleasure Health Centre; reconstruction of an X-Ray department at Leguan Cottage Hospital, which was badly built by the PPP outside of specification; built a completely new school at Eastern Leguan; built a new bridge (main access) at Endevour, Leguan; maintenance of bridge at Good Intent, Leguan; completion of the X-Ray Department at Parika Health Centre; Construction and completion of a state-of-the-art dental section at Parika Health Centre; grading of a number of all-whether roads across the Region, most recent at Belle West, West Bank Demerara; digging and cleaning of many drains and canals across the region, most recent in the Tuschen/Uitvlugt NDC area; Rehabilitation of the once deplorable Leonora Cottage Hospital Road that now gives Faerber easier access to his home; renovation of a number of Government buildings that were in a dilapidated state; complete face lift of Leonora Hospital, among other infrastructural improvement; renovation of the two surgical theatres at West Demerara Hospital; Construction of a High Dependency Unit at the said hospital; promoting Social Cohesion among all his staff by observing and participating in all national events and holidays, two most recent being Amerindian Heritage Month and the National Tree Planting exercise; intervene at the request of rice farmers by providing fresh water to their rice crop during the dry season, hence saving 90 percent of the rice crop; and so much more.

Editor, if the above is working in the REO’s interest and not that of the council, then I dare Faerber to tell me what really is the council’s interest. May I hasten to say that I am in possession of evidence to substantiate the claim that the PPP/C councillors indicated they were instructed to work against and frustrate this noble REO?

In conclusion, Julius Faerber said in his missive that the REO is mandated by Chapter 28:09 to carry out all the decisions taken at statutory meetings. Even though I did not see those words directly, I did see under Part 111 (Regional Democratic Councils) section 33 the following words, “In the management and development of its region, every council shall be guided by the general policies of the government and the national objectives as set by the government, and shall devise its development plans and programmes to ensure consistency with such policies and objectives; and in the performance of his functions, each councillor shall endeavour to cooperate with every other councillor and with all socio-economic institutions in the area.”

Considering the above clause, I humbly ask Julius Faerber what are the REO and councillors supporting him doing that is against the general policies of the Government and the national objectives set out by the Government? May I say that, in my humble opinion, Faerber is creating unnecessary mayhem in Region 3? Editor, I beg the public to be the final judge. I further request for a poll to be taken in Region 3, so as to ascertain who should go. I believe Faerber should go, and I know an absolute majority of council agrees; it is just that the PPP/C councillors are not as autonomous and independent as one thinks.

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