Independents in ‘all-out’ push –as LGE draws ever closer
Alfred Park
Alfred Park

By Shauna Jemmott

AS LOCAL Government Elections (LGE) draws ever closer, independent candidates and groups alike have upped their game with the staging of a number of political meetings and of media blitzes designed to get their messages across. A case in point is the holding of a meeting tomorrow tonight by independent candidate, Alfred Park of the Healing of the Nation Theocracy Party (HTNTP), in up-market Earle’s Avenue, in suburban Subryanville, to discuss development plans his Party has for Constituency Two: Kitty-Subryanville.
According to an excerpt of his manifesto which Park left with the Guyana Chronicle, he has great plans for the constituency, and the Capital City by extension, and is encouraging voters to support his party, which has as its symbol the ‘lion head’.

Park, who’s a herbalist by profession, said he was inspired to contest the election after observing and experiencing first-hand, as other citizens have, the neglect for over two decades, and understanding the need for transformation.
A self-professed fighter for people’s concerns, needs and a better community, Park says he has a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy against dishonesty, corruption and mismanagement, particularly within the Kitty-Subryanville neighbourhoods, and Georgetown by extension.
As such, his agenda is about good governance, visionary leadership and total development, and he will work to ensure law and order is restored here in the capital, once referred to the world over as, “The Garden City of the Caribbean.’
Ever confident that Georgetown “will rise again,” Park said he plans ensuring a better life for all, both economically and socially, and for starters is encouraging residents to pay up their rates and taxes in order to make the city more financially-viable.
“I will work to ensure the improvements in drainage, roads, water supply, collection of garbage and waste disposal, as well as improving the security of our community and the rest of the city,” Park vowed, adding:
“This will be helped with the installation of more street lights, and working closely with the Guyana Police Force and the City Constabulary on the reduction of crime and traffic accidents.”

He also has this vision about how best to curb poverty here in Guyana, and the gameplan is to establish cottage industries and small business enterprises so as to provide employment, and establish a learning and earning centre so as to benefit school dropouts, the young, women and single parents, who will be trained in various skills such as computer technology, garment production, furniture making, home economics and craft production.
The establishment of a Kitty-Subryanville Community Centre with library and internet services is also part of the grand plan, as is the restoration of the Kitty-Subryanville children’s playground.

“In the area of sports and culture,” Park told the Guyana Chronicle, “I will strive for the formation of sports and culture clubs; revitalising the once popular Farnum’s Playground in Subryanville, now under-utilised…
“It is also my dream to host a Kitty-Subryanville Reunion to encourage citizens to return and help develop the community.”



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