Always have a Plan B… Poonam Singh
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– In her own words

You know her from GT&T’s Jingle and Song competition a few years ago; her most recent song G.U.Y.A.N.A has been viewed almost 150, 000 times on Facebook and shared even on the President’s page.
But singing is not all Poonam Singh is about. She is currently studying law, and she now has the status of beauty queen, having been selected as the new title holder of Miss Global International-Guyana. She tells Chronicle about how it all happened. (Samuel Maughn photos)

One of the most difficult tasks is defining who I am, because there are countless components that form the person I am today.

Poonam wears a design from Reshma Persaud’s collection. (Samuel Maughn)
Poonam wears a design from Reshma Persaud’s collection. (Samuel Maughn)

I was born on February, 19, 1995 in Georgetown, Guyana and raised in Canal Number One, West Bank Demerara.
I spent most of my life devotedly following the footsteps of my older cousins, who are now young doctors, pharmacists and scientists. During my studious years, I realized that I didn’t want to ONLY pursue a career in law. Additionally, I discovered, I not only have a sincere love for music but also an immense passion for it, which drives me towards wanting to professionally pursue a career in this area also.

Poonam is seen here in another Reshma Persaud design from her RP Couture line. The photos on this page were taken at the Marriott Hotel in Kingston

Hence in 2011, while I patiently awaited my CSEC results, I entered the GT&T Jingle & Song Competition. Like I always say, that experience was an incredibly entertaining, informative and exciting one. After the competition, during those years to present, I had a perfect mixture of success and failure in my life.
I completed my diploma in Communication Studies at UG and now I’m a first year law student at the University of London through the facilitator (Nations School of Law). It was in July, during my leisure time, I decided to record and post on FB, a video of myself singing a song that was stuck in my head.
I didn’t expect that one post to open doors for me. From that day onwards, I gradually started to get a lot of recognition for my talent and so posting more videos of myself covering popular songs became a duty.
Then the most beautiful thing happened when I posted one of my original songs dedicated to my country, Guyana and the President himself, David Granger, shared it. I was extremely happy and I felt so honoured. Currently, I’m working on the production for my song “G.U.Y.A.N.A”, which should be released before Guyana’s 50th Anniversary.

Due to the circulation of the videos I post on social media, Mr. Hashim Ali, managing director of Miss Global International –Guyana, scanned my profile and decided to message me inquiring about my interest in pageantry.
Honestly, if you had told me I’d be representing my country on an international level someday; a pageant would have never been my guess. However, I’m very happy to be the new Queen for Miss Global International-Guyana (MGIG), mainly because I can clearly assert that this wouldn’t be about how elegant I can look in a dress, or how mind-blowing my speeches would be, this would chiefly be about my purpose to represent, to serve and dedicate my entire year in successfully and sincerely carrying out my duties as a MGIG Queen.
As the MGIG Queen, I want to assist in eradicating suicide in Guyana. I think something that can be done to primarily remove suicidal thoughts in victims is to personally reach out to them. So I will set up workshops, visit schools, and ensure that everyone I reach out to feels loved. People usually DSC_2415take life for granted, especially young people, but if there’s a push to help them reinforce what they already know, a push to help them gravitate towards doing something constructive, a push to help them become someone in life, if that push is present then great possibilities exist for a better Guyana. So if I can use this title as “a push” to help, then that is my main aim.
Apart from my studies, my music and now pageantry, I try to spend some “ME-TIME” doing the stress-free things. These include reading, singing, spending time with my family and watching random YouTube videos. I enjoy reading romance and adult fiction books. Growing up around my Aunties I would always notice them folding up in a corner gossiping about the current book they’re reading and I always wanted to do the same when I got older.
So now all the books that I read are mainly hand-me-downs from the older folks. These books include authors like Danielle Steel, Charles Dickens, Allison Leigh and Sharon Kendrick (to name a few). My favourite novel of all time, however, happens to be “Looking for Alaska” by John G reen. I would advise anyone, even if you despise reading, to read this book and enjoy every word.

My family time is basically every Sunday mornings, where we attend mandir and give thanks to God. I know there are 24 hours in a day and people get busy, but I believe in always saying thank you for every breath I take and the person responsible for my being is God, and so praying is an integral part in my busy schedule.

I don’t have a favourite dish, because I’m a big foodie. However, the only meat I’d rather eat is definitely chicken. My favourite fast food place is Popeyes and chocolate truffle cake will always be my favourite dessert.

My message to young people, who consider me as their role model, is my philosophy. My philosophy is to always have a plan B. I know life will throw you countless opportunities but you may have just one aim.
However if you think you have that potential and you’re capable of successfully carrying out the opportunities thrown at you then go right ahead without hesitating. Keep your main goal, keep working towards it, but if your main goal doesn’t work out exactly the way you had intended , then have a plan B, have something you can fall back on, do not give up because of one or two or three failures.
Only a failure knows through success when it comes. So have a steadfast mind, stay focused and determined and you will be able to conquer the world.

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