My 10 steps towards achieving perfect health
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What exactly is perfect health? To be free from all illness and injury. f1Perfect physical, mental, and spiritual health is something we all want, but is it easier said than done?
Not when you have the right attitude. Attitude is nothing more than how you feel or think about something or someone. To succeed at anything requires the right positive mindset. It determines behavior which can be seen through body language. Before you even open your mouth, your attitude resonates first.
It’s no big secret, especially due to the information age, there is insurmountable data linking all manners of illness to some form of negative mental attitude/thought (fear, distrust, anger, selfishness, static thought, etc.).

Here are a few examples:
Abdominal cramps – fear
Acne – lack of self-acceptance and self-hatredf2
Anemia – lack of joy and afraid of living
Arthritis – deep resentment and feeling victimized
To make it worse, we add these common negative thoughts to perpetuate bad health:
There is no such thing as perfect health
You’ve got to die from something
My father and mother had so therefore I….”
And on and on it goes.
Now let’s be realistic.
Positive thinking and attitudes does not mean that you ignore your problems or gloss over them. Here are some more steps to take to create perfect health.
• Know where you are with current state of health and write on a piece of paper (not your digital device) the goals you want to achieve.
• Feed your body and mind with positivity. Look at everything you do from the foods you eat to your exercise regimen and attach positive attitude/thoughts that will yield healthy results.
• If you have a health challenge, let your self-talk focus on acquiring solutions not drowning in the problems.
• Create health affirmations and keep them in the “now”. Instead of saying “I want perfect health,” change it to “I have perfect health.” Keeping thoughts in the present helps you to claim it.
• Diet, of course, plays a key role in positivity. Eat sunflower seeds, spinach, and even protein to improve your mood.
f3• Get some sunshine. Vitamin D from sunlight is a definite attitude booster.
• Take folic acid, the B-complex essential vitamins which definitely regulate moods and Omega-3 fatty acids.
• Do your homework. Find more ways to increase your positive attitude toward perfect health.
.You cannot be healthy without adequate sleep. Period.
. Meditate, have some alone time to reflect on the day and calm the mind, body and spirit.
Know and believe that you have the power to change the course of direction and achieve the optimum health that already belongs to you.
Start with changing your thoughts about perfect health and the only infectious disease you need to worry about spreading is your positive attitude.

Noshavyah King (Certified Personal Trainer, aerobics instructor, Sports and Conditioning Coach and Zumba Instructor)
Owner of Genesis Fitness Express Located at Transport Sports Club

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