Broadway comes to Ann’s Grove next Saturday
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By Shauna Jemmott

‘THE Wages of Sin’ will unfold this December on the East Coast of Demerara when Ebenezer Congregational youth ministry hosts its first ever ‘Night of Drama’ fiesta next Saturday at the church’s multi-purpose hall in Ann’s Grove.The extravaganza is being hosted by the Ann’s Grove Culture Group, the impressive drama outfit which made an impact at its first appearance at Drama Festival 2013 with the play, ‘Life is what you make it”, directed by Shunette Waterman, also a youth leader.
When Pepperpot caught up with Waterman at her Ann’s Grove home Wednesday morning, she spoke about The Night of Drama and ‘The Wages of Sin’.
The fun-filled night will feature dramatic, musical, dance and poetic presentations, and will leave its audience with a lot to think about.

‘The Wages of Sin’ is the main feature of the night’s affair, and will carry a hint of Broadway, fusing music and dance with drama.
Written and directed by Waterman, it addresses the way society views women, and enlightens the audience that being a church goer does not mean you are holy and righteous.
Waterman recognised that in many cases the person Christians see as ‘worldly’ or ‘sinful’ carries the purer heart.
“It is based on that ‘Songs of Solomon’ chapter (in the Bible) in which (a woman’s) lover came to call her but she didn’t bother and when she went out in the street, the watchmen found her and raped her,” she explained.
Pastors of the church are deemed the watchmen or shepherds of the congregation, and in this story the watchmen “took away her veil”, destroying the vulnerable woman.
A young girl grew up in church with a ‘watchman’ step-father; a Pastor. She experienced horror and ran to a life of prostitution, but after becoming a mother she returned to the home in which the Pastor no longer lived. When the man learned years later that the girl, now an adult, mothers a beautiful daughter, he lustfully drew close to the family to give the girl child a new lesson.

It is a story of survival, prostitution, abuse and religion, heading in the direction of murder, a struggle between the seemingly holy and un-holy.
“We would like persons to come in to see that you should not judge anybody. Don’t ever go out thinking that you can judge especially since you don’t know exactly what it is they are going through and the same time that sometimes we church people could sometimes be the worst persons (and) the persons who could damage somebody may be right in the church,” Waterman explained.
She said though going to church reflects true holiness in the eyes of some sections of society, those termed ‘unsaved’ should not be judged by churchgoers.
“Just because you may be in church doesn’t mean that you are more holy than the person who is out of church,” Waterman said, adding:
“You never know what persons are going through. You never know what is going on, so don’t judge anybody.”
The messages carried in this play are across the board targeting younger girls, women, men, church goers and the non-Christian, she said.

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