New criminal gang stalking ‘round ‘Big Market’ –in wee hours of the morning
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A NEW breed of criminals has recently taken to stalking and robbing unsuspecting persons around the Stabroek Market area in Georgetown with nary a care that the Fire Service and City Constabulary are just a few rods away.
Persons who have had the opportunity of seeing the gang in operation on at least two occasions say they were quite taken aback by the fact that neither taxi drivers operating in the same area, nor vendors getting late night sales even bothered to intervene.
Just last week, the gang pounced on a male security guard, who gave his name as ‘Mohan’ of Annandale, and using what looked like a black handgun to hold him captive, relieved him of a substantial amount of cash, a brand new wristwatch, a Blackberry cellular phone, and his wallet containing his national identification card, and other valuable documents.
Last Monday, at around 03:45 hrs, the same gang again attacked another man outside the Demico House fast-food outlet in the same Stabroek neighbourhood. Though the poor man was too shaken to engage in much conversation, he however let on that he resides in Mon Repos, on the East Coast, and was on his way home after having a few drinks with friends at a popular bar at Timehri.
On this occasion, the gang comprising about six young males and a lone female sporting a dyed ‘boy-cut’ hairstyle.
As two males held the man at gun-point, the others emptied his pockets of an undisclosed sum of money and a cellular phone.
The female in the crew acts as the ‘lookout person’, scouring the area for any sign of the police and alerting the rest of the gang of their coming.
Just last week, someone apparently called the police as the gang was going to work on another man, as ranks unexpectedly appeared on the scene, causing the gang to run helter-skelter in all directions.
While two gang members jumped on bicycles and pedalled away at top speed, the others made their getaway on foot, with the police in hot pursuit. It is unclear if the police caught any of them.
And last Wednesday, Edward Perez of Integrated Security Service narrowly missed an attack from the gang.
Perez, who resides at Versailles, West Bank Demerara, was on his way to work in Queenstown, here in the city, when gang members were about to make a move on him. Luckily, he was able to seek refuge with vendors selling bread around the Stabroek Market, which is how he came to avoid being one of the gang’s latest victims.
Members of this very gang was seen twice recently loitering close to the gates of the Guyana Chronicle building, perched on bicycles, with the very ‘dye-haired’ female in their company.
It is suspected that it was this very gang which on two occasions last year robbed two female Chronicle reporters of cash and their cellular phones quite early in the night as they were making their way home.
Food vendors peddling their wares around the Stabroek Market area are in loud disapproval of the gang and are fearful to operate in the area as well.
Many are calling for more police presence around the area and the entire city, especially in the ‘wee morning hours’ when the gang prefers to operate.

By Alex Wayne

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