With 20 Grade Ones… Saraswati Vidya Niketan student tops country at CSEC – another student from same school places second with 19 Grade Ones
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Stealing this year’s spotlight at the CSEC exams is Cornelia Ida’s Saraswati Vidya Niketan Secondary School
Stealing this year’s spotlight at the CSEC exams is Cornelia Ida’s Saraswati Vidya Niketan Secondary School

STEALING this year’s spotlight at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations is Cornelia Ida’s Saraswati Vidya Niketan Secondary School, whose students, Victoria Najab and Vamanadev Hiralall secured 20 and 19 Grade Ones respectively.After writing a daunting 20 subjects at one sitting, Victoria is relieved that her parents’ money did not go to waste. The aspiring engineer, when contacted, said she is ecstatic, and sees her academic prowess as a blessing, since she did not have a study routine.
“My brilliance is a blessing, and I’m ever grateful to God and the countless number of teachers and my parents who harnessed my potential, and were the driving force throughout the months of examinations in order for me to achieve such a feat,” a proud Victoria said.
She gained Grade One passes in Additional Mathematics, Agriculture Science, Biology, Caribbean History, Chemistry, Economics, EDPM, English Language, English Literature, Geography, Human & Social Biology, Information Technology, Integrated Science, Mathematics, Office Administration, Physics, Principles of Accounts, Principles of Business, Social Studies, and Spanish.
This year’s top performer said she will be completing her ‘A’ Levels, and will thereafter pursue her studies at the Colorado School of Mines to fulfil her dream of becoming a petroleum engineer.

Like Victoria, her schoolmate, Vamanadev, is also elated that the results are finally out, and is in keeping with his expectations.
“My success is credited to the staff of the Saraswati Vidya Niketan School, and my parents and all my teachers who helped me throughout this journey,” the aspiring doctor said.
But unlike Victoria, Vamanadev is uncertain about his next move, but indicated that he is “a big fan” of Chemistry, and will pursue a career within the medical field, possibly Internal Medicine. Besides the 19 Grade Ones, he also obtained a Grade Two pass at this year’s examinations.

Coming in third is Alyiah Rasheed, who has topped the Anna Regina Multilateral School (ARMS) in Region 2 (Pomeroon-Supenaam). Like Hiralall, Alyiah gained passes in 19 subjects, while her colleague, Jagindra Persaud, secured 16 Grade Ones and two Grade Twos.
The young scholar said she is proud of her achievement, and putting her school in the spotlight once more.
Her mother said she is a very proud parent. According to Mrs Rasheed, her daughter deserved her success, because she studied and worked hard towards achieving what she did.

Earning the top position for Queen’s College is the aspiring journalist and possibly lawyer, Joshanna Hopkinson, who secured 18 Grade Ones at this year’s sitting. She said when contacted that she was expecting this, since she studied diligently throughout the months of her examinations.
“I had a time table, and made it my duty to study every day. And I thank God, because without Him, this was not possible,” said the proud student.
Hopkinson also credits her success to her teachers, Miss Browne and Mr Bernard, as well as the schools’ headmistress, whom she credits with being “the best headmistress a school can ever wish for.”
Following Hopkinson is Ashley Anthony of Queen’s College, who attained 17 Grade Ones. Currently, Anthony is pursuing an intensive summer programme (SPISE) at the University of the West Indies. When contacted, Anthony said her study routine was not as “structured” as most people’s, as she managed to balance her work to avoid being stressed.
“Definitely towards CSEC, I started to feel a little pressure, but it wasn’t anything impossible, since I still excelled,” she said.
In crediting her success, Anthony said her friends as well as her family (especially dad Dr Frank Anthony and mom Dr Shanti Singh) provided moral support throughout the entire journey. Asked about her aspirations, Anthony said she is currently uncertain, but has a high interest in stem-related careers.

Securing 16 Grade Ones is Abigail Somrah, also from Queen’s College. Efforts to contact her, however, proved futile.
Just below Somrah is Paige Carter, another exceptional student from Queen’s College, who secured 14 Grade Ones and five Grade Twos. Carter said she expected better, but is still proud to be one of the top performers at this year’s sitting. The aspiring pediatrician said she worked tirelessly to achieve this success, as she studied endlessly.
Attaining 14 Grade Ones and three Grade Twos is Kadesh Daniels, who is also from Queen’s College. Daniels said she is ecstatic and extremely proud of herself, since it was difficult to balance her studies. With a love for the sciences, Daniels said she has her sights set on a career in pathology, since she is extremely curious and interested in the field.
“Plans for the near future are to continue schooling at a high-rated institution, which will further advance as well as challenge me academically, as I also plan to complete the SATs by the end of the year,” said Daniels, who is also pursuing the SPISE programme at UWI with Anthony.
“Aside from God and my parents and all my teachers at Queen’s College; my teacher, Mr Antalov Jagnanan, who taught me on Saturdays, is to be credited for my success,” said a proud Carter.
“I’m so excited right now, as this was unexpected!” exclaimed St Roses High’s Shawn Shewram, who attained 14 Grade Ones and two Grade Twos. The happy 16-year-old said he prepared a study time-table that required heavy commitment every night, and owes this success to his teachers and friends and family, who boundlessly supported him throughout his journey.



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