UN stands ready to support Guyana to promote respect for diversity and national unity

I REFER to the letter titled “UN doesn’t view racial identity as divisive” published in the Guyana Chronicle Letters Column dated Monday 18 May, 2015.I would like to reaffirm that I believe that cultural heritage is very important to a plural society like Guyana’s. However, Guyanese should not allow their ethnic identity to divide the nation. It is evident from current conflicts around the world, the devastation such divisions can lead to, examples of which can be seen today in the Middle East and Ukraine. Successive Governments in Guyana have invited the UN to support national efforts to enhance social cohesion and unity.

In this regard, the UN in Guyana stands ready to work with all the people of this country to support the promotion of respect for diversity, intercultural dialogue and understanding, and national unity.

Hence, my message is that it is important for political leaders and citizens alike to advocate to unite the country, while celebrating its beautiful cultural diversity.

UN Resident Coordinator

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