Huge rally planned outside Wismar Market this evening –as Lindeners celebrate change of gov’t

AFTER overwhelmingly showing their support for the A Partnership For National Unity+Alliance for Change Coalition at the recent General and Regional elections, the people of Linden and by extension Region Ten (Upper Demerara/Berbice) are expected to converge outside the Wismar Market this afternoon as they celebrate the accession to office of a new government.The people of Linden will celebrate the win by the APNU+AFC Coalition with a massive thanksgiving ceremony which starts at 18:00hrs, with full participation of all religious faiths and the wider sections of the community in the perennial stronghold of the Opposition over the past 20-odd years.
Last Thursday, in anticipation of the announcement of an APNU+AFC win in the elections, scores of cars, trucks, motorcycles and hundreds of persons wormed their way through the streets across Linden, on both the Mackenzie and Wismar shores; and finally made their way in central Mackenzie to the Linden/Georgetown Mini Bus Park, where they were greeted and addressed by the Co-Chairs of the Region Ten Elections campaign, Sharma Solomon of APNU and the AFC’S Audwin Rutherford.
The hurriedly put together rally at the Mackenzie location last Thursday was well received and the next day, Friday, a Church Service was held at the Mackenzie Sports Club pavilion, drawing the denominational churches in Linden to give thanks to God for a peaceful elections.

This evening’s grand rally, therefore, on the west side of the town alongside the Demerara River, should see hundreds of Lindeners outside the Wismar Market as celebrations continue for the APNU+AFC Coalition win.

The region bettered its last elections showing in numbers for the recent Opposition led by Brigadier (Ret) David Granger and Moses Nagamootoo.

Apart from the opening prayers from the religious organizations, there will be a cultural presentation and several speeches are expected from well wishers on this grand occasion. (Joe Chapman)


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