REARVIEW MIRRORS – to look or not to look?
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I WISH to thank Mr Tarron Kemraj for pointing out that I am no advocate for the PPP and its Government in his last SN column, “History matters, but ….”

I believe most readers of the letters pages are aware of this. However, it is campaign season and in the heightened rhetoric one is put in one camp or the other. This will no doubt continue as I further question the coalition on its campaign strategy of forgetting history.

A new advertisement in the press with President Obama’s quote stating that he would not be imprisoned by the past and referring to the Cold War era as being over must be the coalition’s attempt to respond to the criticisms of its ominous campaign message.

Scholars, historians and politicians on both sides of the Cold War have examined and analysed that war, and numerous books and articles have been written, and films and documentaries produced on just about every aspect of it.

It can be safely said that it is exhausted as a topic and everyone can be detached and even philosophical about it. Hence, President Obama’s statement.

None of this is even remotely analogous to Guyana where the coalition leaders are actually telling us to put aside the past. They do not even want it remembered much less examined and analysed.

Messrs David Granger and Moses Nagamootoo placing their smiling faces next to President Obama’s is seen as the advertising gimmick that it is. They can never be Obama’s equals. They have neither the integrity nor dignity.

Every single one of us would like to be in the position of America and every other nation that has dealt with its past – Germany, Japan and Northern Ireland come to mind – and has then been able to move on.

In Northern Ireland there is a group called Healing Through Remembering (HTR).It comprises a diverse membership with different political perspectives working on a common goal of how to deal with the legacy of the past as it relates to the country’s conflict.
HTR’s work is framed by sound principles for dealing with the past including respect, diversity of opinion, willingness to engage and inclusivity.
Their experience is very relevant to Guyana but, as I have stated before, we have no leadership that will take us to this juncture of healing and reconciliation.
Instead, our past festers and with the coalition campaigning on forgetting history, there is little chance that if they form the next government that our past will ever be reconciled and healed. For both campaigns, unity is a song and dance on top a stage.

Only in Guyana could senior politicians get away with forwarding the idea that not considering the past is the best way forward.

The use of rearview mirrors is essential to safe driving. If you do not keep a close eye on the rearview mirror as you drive forward you will be a danger on the roads.

I cannot go as far as the coalition leaders do and wish anyone to crash and die. That is offensive, and unbecoming of men who see themselves as leaders.



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