Jagdeo calls on Linden to teach APNU+AFC a lesson –say ‘No’ to intimidation
Former President Bharat Jagdeo urging residents of Linden to choose wisely and re-elect the PPP/C.
Former President Bharat Jagdeo urging residents of Linden to choose wisely and re-elect the PPP/C.

A MASSIVE gathering of supporters screamed their approval when former president, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, took to the platform at the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C)’s third national rally at Lien Ken-Pen Square, Linden yesterday.And their enthusiasm was sustained and infectious as they welcomed his call for the political opposition to be taught a lesson come May 11.

“Linden must teach them a lesson! Linden must say ‘No’ to intimidation!” he said, adding that the alliance of A Partnership for National Unity and the Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) is well versed in bullyism and intimidation.
“They are preying on the fears of people; they have good machinery for bullying people,” Dr Jagdeo declared.
And, decrying the characteristics of the political opposition’s leadership, he said for starters: “Nagamootoo is a waste; he always was a waste, and will always be a waste. He has been diagnosed as a megalomaniac; someone obsessed with himself.” He justified his argument by saying that 60 per cent of what Nagamootoo says is about himself, and 90 per cent sheer lies.
He’s no match for the PPP/C prime ministerial candidate, Mrs Elisabeth Harper, Jagdeo said; “the two are like chalk to cheese.”
As for APNU+AFC’s presidential candidate, Brigadier (ret’d) David Granger, Jagdeo said he is given to “double standards” as evidenced by the policies and programmes he advances, compared to actions he’s taken.
Cases in point, he said, were the social programmes cut under national budgets in the last three years, and cuts to the Amerindian Development Programme (ADF), among other key developmental projects.
“They promise what they cannot deliver,” Jagdeo said, adding: “President Donald Ramotar is not delusional; he is not stuck in the philosophy of the past.”

These are the ‘characters’, Dr Jagdeo said, that have collaborated in ‘contrived’ unity.
“The contrived unity that APNU+AFC is touting is not national unity,” the former president said.
According to him, national unity is reflected in a party’s policies; a party’s list of candidates; the members of a party’s cabinet and the speakers a party can attract to its platform.
“National unity is ensuring people right across this country benefit from development,” he assured.
Dr Jagdeo highlighted the successes that have been made in creating jobs, health, education and attracting investments to Linden and the wider Region 10 area.
On that note, the former president was emphatic in declaring that there is “justification” in the pride of the PPP/C leadership and supporters.
“There is justification in our pride, because we have stood firm in line with our principles; our record in government has shown that we have remained faithful to the principles of our party and to the Guyanese people,” he said.

Dr Jagdeo stated that in the same way the PPP/C has struggled and succeeded in advancing change to make a difference, May 11 is about change.
“Let us make a difference on May 11,” he appealed to the people of Linden, adding: “We have been at the forefront of the struggle for change and progress in our country. You have seen us work over the past decades; work to change your lives; work in a way that did not exclude you from development because you did not support us.”
He noted that while the political opposition is calling for change via their slogan, ‘It is time for change’, Region 10 needs a change, which can be advanced by a change in the regional administration.
“ (Do that) and see how this region will progress…the PNC (People’s National Congress) is running the Region and they criticize us…give us a chance to run this region and watch the progress,” Dr Jagdeo declared.
The former president added that every vote must count.
“Let us ensure that every single person shows up to vote….even if we don’t win the region, we can get a regional seat,” he said, reiterating his pride at the successes under the PPP/C administration.
“In everything we have touched, we have moved this country forward,” Dr Jagdeo posited.

By Vanessa Narine

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