Alleged murderer ‘Chetty’ was a ‘limer’ – says vulcanizing shop proprietor
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PRESIDING judge in the vulcanizing shop murder trial, Justice Roxanne George heard yesterday that “Chetty”, the alleged murderer of Roger Edwards, was a ‘limer’ and not a ‘worker’ at the shop.This information was disclosed yesterday by Claimant Greenidge, the owner of the vulcanizing shop and cafeteria, Tucville Squatting area, where Edwards met his death on 15th February, 2013

Greenidge who is a witness for the prosecution was quick to point out that the accused was not a worker at the vulcanizing shop as many thought, but a ‘limer’ who would come around to lime and watch TV.
According to Greenidge, earlier that morning the accused Donald Mopp, 74, and Edwards, 34, now deceased, were hurling abusive remarks against each other.
During the busing, Edwards referred to Mopp as an old ‘anti-man’ (homosexual) while Mopp referred to Edwards as a ‘faggot’ (disparaging term for a gay man)who wears his pants in a low position to expose his underwear.
At one stage in the row ‘Chetty’ hired a taxi and went away.
And according to Greenidge, he returned later and took a seat on a chair some distance away from where Edwards was standing.
Seconds later Mopp went up to Edwards and grabbed him from the back and both of them fell to the ground.
Greenidge said that Edwards attempted to get up but slumped back to the ground and at the same time he said that Mopp had bored him.
Edwards was taken to hospital where he later died.
Chetty was subsequently charged with murder. At his trial he pleaded not guilty and is being represented by Attorney-at-law, Miss Deborah Kumar.
Miss Stacy Goodings, state counsel, is prosecuting. The trial is continuing.
By George Barclay

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