Those in authority must take Granger's words very seriously

OPPOSITION Leader David Granger is seemingly doubtful about the usefulness of international intervention into the current political gridlock, despite writing to several regional and international bodies requesting their involvement.The former Army Commander said that even though external influence is meaningful, it is neither necessary nor sufficient to effect real change in Guyana’s current situation, no matter who intervenes.
“No matter who intervenes,” says Granger.
Those in authority must take Granger’s statement to mean he has a very sinister plan and he just doesn’t care who says what, he will do what he has to do.
Why sinister? Granger and the entire world know that PNC cannot win an election with 30% support, while the other 10% PNC supporters never show up at the polls to vote.
It is easy to read Granger and the PNC and understand that they are not interested in contesting elections anymore, since they know they cannot win.
Granger and the PNC want the presidency, with full access to power and the treasury, which is their main concern.
PNC will never accept an Indian President, especially since they were forced to accept Jagan and all the other PPP presidents, whom they claim were installed by the United States’ Jimmy Carter. They say it loud and proud on SN blog sites.
Nigel Hughes’ wife Kathy Hughes and Granger say their respective parties do not need money to win the next election, and that they will win it because they have the people behind them.
But PNC wants the same GECOM list as is, before going to the polls.
Something is terribly wrong at GECOM and the PNC knows it.
It is up to PPP right now to address the nation and the international community to ensure that PNC does not go after PPP/C supporters when elections results are declared not in favour of the PNC.
Many Guyanese are coming to that very conclusion – that the East Indians in Guyana will feel PNC’s wrath as usual if the PNC does not win.
PPP must ask for International help to ensure elections are free, fair, transparent, and that every vote counts.
If the International Community chooses to come, but turns a blind eye, then it will take the help of God to save the Guyanese people from the PNC.


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