Tourism Minister adopts ‘no holds barred’ approach to making Guyana Festival a success
L-R: Tameca Sukdeo-Singh, Coordinator of the Guyana Festival; Tourism Minister (ag) Irfaan Ali; and Lennox Canterbury, Coordinator of the Night of the Legends festivity (Photo by Adrian Narine)
L-R: Tameca Sukdeo-Singh, Coordinator of the Guyana Festival; Tourism Minister (ag) Irfaan Ali; and Lennox Canterbury, Coordinator of the Night of the Legends festivity (Photo by Adrian Narine)

TOURISM Minister (ag) Irfaan Ali said Monday at the launch of the Night of the Legends that “a special package will be offered to Jamaicans, in collaboration with Fly Jamaica and other airlines, to finalise packages out of Florida, Toronto, New York, and even London”.

He explained that that package would be applicable from Thursday to Monday. “The plan is to encourage all Guyanese as well as other visitors (to come here) for the Guyana Festival.”

Minister Ali said that, for the very first time, the fusion of the six different cultures that make up the Guyanese tapestry would be brought together to reflect a true melting pot that contains the Guyanese identity.

He noted also that the Guyana Festival is being heavily marketed in the abovementioned countries, hence the reason for development of the packages.

Giving an outline of each day of the event, Ali explained that “no two days are the same; so it’s not like you will come on day 1 and believe that the rest of the days are the same.” Day One, he explained, would feature the grand opening ceremony of the event, wherein the Guyana Defence Force would conduct an air show. There would also be a national concert featuring performances from all artistes, and various dramatic performances will highlight drama groups, and craft, poetry, dance and painting.

The Night of Local Legends, slated for Day Two, will see renowned celebrities such as Dave Martins, Sammy Baksh, Eddie Grant, and Terry Gajraj performing. There would also be games in which various communities would compete against each other in cricket, football and other sporting activities with the aim of winning trophies and other prizes.

The Guyana Festival will culminate with a culinary cook-off competition of traditional Guyanese cuisine, such as duck curry, pepper pot, cook-up, metemgee and black cake, followed by a grand concert aimed at promoting the next generation of Guyana’s music and help to develop new/young talent.

The cook-off competition will attract various groups from Guyana, the Minister noted. “There is a group of Guyanese out of Florida who have indicated their interest and are prepared to cook ‘hassa curry’.

In addition, there will also be standup comedy and a “Next Generation” performance by younger artistes. Performing will be Jumo “Rubber Waist” Primo, Adrian Dutchin, Melissa “Vanilla” Roberts and others. This activity is slated to be announced shortly.

During opening hours, this family-oriented event will take the format of an exhibition showcasing craft, art, culinary delights, celebrity and demonstration tents; and there will be concerts in the evenings.

There will also be a children’s playground, Minister Ali disclosed. “We want all of Guyana to rally around the festival. We want all of Guyana to feel the energy, and to be a part of this historic patriotic moment in celebrating who we are. We are reconnecting the past with the present as we project the future.

“If we can’t celebrate our own, then no one will celebrate them for us,” Ali said.

The festivities would cater for everyone, according to Minister Ali. There will be more than 12 different rides for the children, and any child under the age of 12 would be admitted without charge.

Adults can take advantage of the Guyana Festival passport, costing US$15 or Gy$3000, which would allow them entry to the festivities on each night of the three-night event.
Written By Rebecca Ganesh-Ally


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