Opposition wants to seize power through the backdoor
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SO FAR, the PNC is not getting the wink and nod from the US Ambassador to Guyana to grab power, since the US knows it can’t trust PNC with money.With regards to the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Bill, the PNC knows why it wants to give police tremendous powers to stop/search/seize.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist or brain surgeon to figure out why the PNC wants to give police that kind of power.
Not only Guyanese living in and out of Guyana, but the entire world knows that the police voted overwhelmingly at elections for PNC.

PNC knows why they want to jack up their two million to ten million.
Based on the cries, hollering and hooting from PNC leaders, their core supporters are poor, depressed, compressed, marginalized, disenfranchised and victimized by the PPP, so they don’t have two million dollars, needless to say ten million dollars.

So who have ten million dollars to walk with? Of course, PPP core supporters. So far, as most Guyanese know, the opposition leaders declared that most villages and communities that support them are depressed.

Government officials should place spy equipment on to the streets of Georgetown and across Guyana and see which ethnic motorists are being stopped by police officers for a shakedown.
Police officers are paid to stand there with their radar guns to clock your speed limit. These police officers know most of these vehicles and which village they are coming from and going to.
They would point their radar gun to an East Indian motorist who is travelling at one km over the speed limit. If that motorist refuses to pay the towel asked for, he/she would be told to drive to a police station.

Their day would be wasted there, then another police will come and tell you, ‘Oh, that police officer long gone home already, so you can go.’ Government must see it for what it is.

PPP supporters suffered twenty-eight years of this treatment, and they are still suffering for the twenty-one years PPP has been in power, because the PPP only has executive power. Every other power is controlled by the PNC, which is now trying to usurp the executive power through the backdoor. So, not by elections, but by holding the nation ransom, they will govern this country. If the Government gives in to their blackmail they would be forfeiting the trust of the electorate, who gave them the mandate to rule.

Speaking of ruling, where were some of these following organisations when bogus elections were held to keep the Kabaka in power?
Berbice Chamber of Commerce
British High Commission: British programmed Burnham to be King Ruler of British Guiana.
Consultative Association of Guyanese Industry
Embassy of the United States of America: They claim they never “meddle” in the affairs of other countries, but their own; but read our history.
Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Guyana Association of Women Lawyers
Guyana Bar Association: Well, judge them by the fact that Nigel Hughes is still a practising lawyer.
Guyana Manufacturing and Service Association
Guyana Trades Union Congress: A toothless poodle until Dr. Cheddi restored bargaining powers.

Lincoln Lewis is the only human that speed past a ghost car at tremendous speed to save his life. If he had opened his mouth in PNC days he would have been taken for a plane ride over the Demerara River. Now his mouth is running like the Demerara River.
High Commission of Canada: They have to toe American and British line always.
Justice Institute
Private Sector Commission
Transparency Institute Guyana Inc. Big Horn Ram is ruler of these AFC opportunists

Today they are enjoying real democracy under a PPP/C Government. They can write letters and speak freely without being jailed or killed. Viva PPP Government!
By Ted King

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