Private contractors to manage solid waste in Region 10
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THE Region 10 community (Upper Demerara- Upper Berbice), is now onboard with hiring private contractors to manage their solid waste.

This follows the recent signing of a contract between the Local Government and Regional Development Ministry and Cevons Waste Management.
A separate leasing agreement was also signed between the parties and two landfill sites, at Kara Kara and De-Kora, at Mackenzie, Linden, for the disposal of garbage in the Linden community.
According to Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Local Government, Collin Croal, as of tomorrow, the private contractor will be responsible for the collection, transportation, and disposal of garbage within the defined boundaries of the Linden municipality at a cost of $300 per barrel per household, while the Linden municipality will be responsible for commercial waste management.
Regional Executive Officer of Region 10, Yolanda Hilliman signed the contract on behalf of the region at a meeting held in the RDC conference room.
Also present to witness the signing were Minister within the Local Government Ministry, Norman Whittaker, Region 10 Chairman, Sharma Solomon, Regional Vice Chairman, Byron Lewis, representatives of the Linden Mayor and Town Council and regional councillors, among others.
Prior to the signing, it was brought to the attention of Minister Whittaker, by regional councillors that persons within the community should have been informed about the January 2 deadline earlier on; nevertheless, the contract and agreement were agreed upon by those present.
Minister Whittaker stressed the need for collaboration between drainage and irrigation and regional democratic officials in the region, so that more work can be done, and duplication avoided.

He added that, notwithstanding the fact that some members felt adequate notice wasn’t given to the people, generally, it was felt that, as a project, it allows the Linden municipality to use limited resources to deal with specific areas of solid waste management.
According to Regional Chairman Sharma Solomon, many persons in the community are comfortable with paying the contractor, rather than the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC), which previously had the responsibility.
He noted that anything to do with waste management is more than relevant.
“It is very important. I believe that it’s a good opportunity being afforded and extended to the people of Linden, to be more responsible in the way they manage and dispose of waste”.

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