Speculation rife 2012 will see a prosperous, productive, progressive Guyana
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AS WE leave another year behind, Guyanese citizens shared with this publication their plans and resolutions for the New Year, as they wrapped up some last-minute shopping in Georgetown yesterday. They also disclosed their plans for the Old Year’s Night celebrations, and how they intend to break the New Year. They all expressed sentiments of having a prosperous, productive and progressive 2012.
They all said it is their hope to see Guyana moving at an accelerated pace, noting that this can be done only if there is cooperation and equality in everything done nationally.
Persons shared the view that self-development is also necessary, since it works in tandem with the country’s development. As such, this is one of the main goals they hope to achieve.
Speaking with this publication, ANN MARIA said that, for the New Year, she is striving to remain stable in everything she does, so as to be successful in her future endeavours.

“I just plan to be a stable person, as stable as I can be, you know; keep a certain perspective and prioritise in order to put things in order, and not go astray from what (I) want to achieve: a car, a house, education, anything that (I) want. And what I would be doing tomorrow night is just business as normal, because my mom has a stall in the market. And maybe after that I will go to church and give God thanks for life,” she said.
She also added that, since life is important to her, she would be praying and asking The Almighty to bless her with many more years to come.
Teenager DENZIL WASHINGTON told the Chronicle that he would be furthering his studies next year, and this is his main goal for the New Year.
He said that it is his hope to see a change in the way things are done in Guyana in terms of persons having more jobs, among other things with regard to development.
“I’m going back to UG next year to pursue business management, I want to see change in some areas in terms of persons having more jobs available and more persons being financially fit. My family is ok for now; and ending off the year, I will be attending a wedding tomorrow, and going to church later in the evening,” he said.
Rastafarian GREGORY ADAMS said that his plan for the New Year is to be happy and to live longer years with his loving wife. He intends for things to be just as bright as it was since they began living together.

“Being together with my wife for the New Year, I wish long life with me and her, and I wish we will have a more smooth life with this New Year; and everything must be good with us, just like how it was from the beginning. So it was at the beginning, so it shall be in the end,” he said.
He added that he is also working towards building his house, and today he took a step forward with that, since he was able to obtain his house lot.
“I working towards my house lot, and I achieve it today. And I am so happy for the New Year (that) I will be making a further step. I wish all the best for the three parties to come and be one, and stop dividing and work in unity, for the Old Year we will be going to a disco or something and hang out,” he pointed out.
Miner JERRY GILGEOUS said that by right, he would have attended church last night. He noted that his hope for the New Year is to elevate himself in terms of education and as it relates to his job.
“I’m going to church tonight, and for the New Year, I want to upgrade myself educationally and as it relates to my job.”
He said that he wanted to improve himself in terms of his job. “For me, everything ok; and while I am not planning to get married, I am looking at (the prospect of) having a child of my own.”
PATRICK THOMPSON, a minister of religion, said that he is always an optimistic person, and for the New Year he can envisage Guyana growing rapidly, once persons re-dedicate themselves to Christ.

“First of all, I must say that I’m a minister of religion and I always look at life with optimism; and I think that if people could become more committed to their religion, then we would have a bright future here in Guyana. I can see Guyana moving at an accelerated pace, once the commitment is there. We have just had our election, which is now behind our backs, and we now have to look to the future. And I am very optimistic that if we work together, things will be good here in Guyana.”
A man who gave his name as RAVO said:
“Most likely, we will be trying to put things in order for the new year in terms of our house; and our daughter will be doing her examinations (SSEE) next year, and we will be working with her. Also, it’s her birthday tomorrow (Old Year’s day), so we will be throwing a party and having a good time ushering in the New Year.”
THANDIE GRIFFITH, who would be graduating from the University in Tortola next year in computer science, said her main goal after graduation is to move on to networking.
“I plan to go on to networking; I hope to see everybody living good, working together for our country’s betterment. In terms of job and infrastructure, the government body should work on strengthening that… Everyone should work towards a common goal,” she said.

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