Exercise patience during this weather
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THIS rainy season has been so prolonged that I noticed it is having serious negative effects on our society.  I pen this note out of respect and love for our country and people because I note that many people are behaving strangely, and even the animals are acting up. I appeal to employers, workers, management and non management staff, fathers, mothers, and children to please have patience and think before acting. Some of what I observed are these:

1. People are feeling body aches due to the constant change in weather.
2. The constant change in weather pattern is changing moods.
3. People tend to get depressed due to the prolonged rains, as people, especially the older folks in winter countries when the snowy season exceed the normal time, some even die with depression and heart attacks.
4. Most people are feeling “fluey” with persistent sniffles.
5. Some are persistently coughing and some with fevers.
6. The rain brings heavy infestations of mosquitoes with the possibility of dengue, malaria, etc.
7. The infestations of mosquitoes causing itch, discomfort and annoyance.
8. I notice some employers and management personnel because of the body aches and mental inconvenience of the rains, make irrational decisions, getting annoyed too easily.
9. I notice employees having mood swings.
10. I also notice some employers are terminating people at a whim, for no reason.

11. I notice employees leaving jobs without a proper excuse, and not knowing why.
12. Even the stray dogs that I see on the streets in the area I live bark more incessantly, maybe for not being able to find food during the rains and their lairs may be constantly wet.
13. My German shepherd dogs are looking depressed even though they are well fed.  Maybe because they cannot get the attention they usually get in dry weather, and because they cannot run around as much.

I am begging our citizens to please drive defensively so as not to make accidents.  To please drive carefully so as not to splash dirty water on peoples’ clothes, and to spend time in peace and meditation, prayer and positive thoughts in company of family.  Let us exercise patience in all we do and not get annoyed easily.

Further, we must respect the law and report crimes and criminals. We must respect the President and government, respect the opposition parties and them for each other, and we all are positive and caring for our environment and each other.  Let us care our country as if it is our personal property, for that is exactly what it is.  Please let us not allow people who publicly declare that they hate this country and religions to affect the tranquility of our society and love for each other because of their ambitions.

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