Negative media reports do not gel with the everyday reality

Had the Guyanese people focused only on reading certain newspapers or watching certain television stations then we would have been led to believe that perhaps we live in the most God forsaken country on the planet. The aim of these entities is to inculcate a sense of despair in the minds of the populace. They do so by reporting on a myriad of negativity often blown out of proportion.
The fact is that, many Guyanese only realize how comfortable they were, living here, when they choose to migrate abroad. Having to work two (sometimes three) jobs to keep their heads above the water, they become programmed robots, often devoid of humanity. This is what happens in those countries, some people worked their entire lives only to lose their homes, pension and jobs, yet in Guyana we continue to lead comfortable lives, including many of those same journalists who paint this picture of gloom.
People are realizing that these negative reports do not gel with the everyday reality and are fed up with it. Only recently one newspaper sought to establish a symbiotic relationship between the visit of the Kuwaiti Prime Minister and the missing vehicle of a Muslim cleric. This was their attempt at painting Guyana in a negative light.
Those who are bent on continuing this campaign of gloom and doom in Guyana are in fact out of touch with the reality. Guyana is bustling with business, their restaurants are filled, the nightspots are packed and visitors are arriving in droves, more new homeowners, more vehicles are on the roads. So it is about time that they remove their mask which has been obscuring their vision.

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