Roopnarine seems to have lost his memory

RUPERT Roopnarine of the Working People Alliance in a letter printed in a private newspaper said that he was arrested in 1970’s by police, taken to Eve Leary, questioned and later released without being beaten by the police.

Rupert Roopnarine might have been talking the truth, but Rupert Roopnarine was not saying that police excessive were part of the PNC regime against opposition members.

I would like to remind Rupert Roopnarine that the WPA faced the wrath of PNC regime under Burnham. Two WPA activists, Dublin and Keoma were shot and killed in Roxanne Burnham Gardens. At a meeting in Kitty, PNC thugs descended on a crowd, which was addressed by Walter Rodney. Moses was beaten got his ribs broken. Rodney had to run for his life, scaling fences in doing so. Later at Cuffy Square Burnham said that Rodney could have gone to the Olympic Games.

Things turned worst for the WPA later. The WPA leader was killed by a bomb orchestrated by the PNC. Many of the WPA members were beaten, jailed and dismissed from their jobs. It was under the same PNC regime that Father Darke was killed on Brickdam while photographing a picket exercise. Burnham employed thugs and the House of Israel to beat opposition member and then imprisoned them.

It was Roopnraine himself who said that the Burnham government had wanted to kill WPA members and bury them secretly. He was referring to the PNC government statement that WPA members were disappearing from the country and then appearing back.

Rupert Roopnarine over the years seems to have lost his memory, forgetting what took place under the Burnham regime.

Roopnarine is now in the PNC camp supporting the policies of the PNCR.

He has become a disgrace to the legacy of Walter Rodney. No doubt the WPA is just a paper party and likely to join with the PNCR in 2010 election to contest the elections.

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